I saw him in 2014, I was 15 at the time and was going to bed. I and my grandma were alone in the house. And this was a regular home, no fancy things, just a basic condo. Our house was nearly impossible to break into since we had a security guy at the entrance and our condo was on 3rd floor.

That night after saying goodnight to my grandma I climbed up from my bed and was checking on my phone. Then suddenly my door started to open. Curiously looked at the door because I thought my grandma came to say something. But all I did was see darkness. No face, no eyes, no nothing just a black figure. I tried to scream and tried to touch my phone. I couldn’t move a muscle or yet make any sounds. After a few seconds which felt like an eternity, He slammed my door. I got really scared but I had to check on my grandma, she was watching tv. Before I didn’t even say a word she said ”Why did you slam your door?”

I couldn’t respond. I couldn’t explain and I still was not able to talk. I shake it off after a few hours but to this day I still know it was Hatman.