I have never had sleep paralysis in my life. I saw the hat man when I was about 8 years old. My little brother (who was about 5 at the time) and I we’re both sleeping in my bed when I woke up to hear a loud clapping sound. My immediate thought was my cat was making this noise. She does this thing where she stands up on her hind legs and scratches at smooth surfaces like TVs, windows, even bath tubs. So I assume she is scratching at the tv and I immediately stare at the tv. Nothing is there. I look over and I see I tall man in my doorway about 6’2”. He was doing this weird but oddly impressive clapping thing against the door. It was like he was playing pat-a-cake with the door way. I say, “Hayden?” (The name of my older brother) but I here no response just a continuous clapping sound and movement. So I hide under the covers for a couple of minutes and finally I pull them off. He’s gone. I look over at the tv to see my cat scratching at the tv. I was completely baffled I stared at that tv when I first woke up from the sound for a minute straight, nothing was there.

I don’t really know if this is connected at all but I used to have an imaginary friend who I named Toobee. I had seen him all my life up until I was about six. I even remember playing hide and seek with him. He just looked like a black silhouette of a man. I even called my family into the kitchen once to see Toobee flying around. I don’t remember how or when I stopped seeing him. My brother told me that I had told him that I killed Toobee. I also had 2 more imaginary friends, Froggy and Hecho. Hecho was Toobee’s uncle and he lived in a tent in the woods behind my house. Froggy was a red-eyed tree frog.