I have never told this story to anyone in person; I always felt people would call me crazy. I was around 17 when I first encounteredThe Hat Man“. One day, I was upstairs getting ready to leave with my family, who had already been downstairs waiting (I take forever, lol). There was a loud thud downstairs, indicating they had already gone out to the car. I was just finishing up when I heard them again, suddenly they were screaming for me to come downstairs. So, I yelledI‘m coming and rushed all the way to the kitchen where I heard the voice echoing from, but once I stood in front of the hallway frame leading into the kitchen, there it was: a tall, dark figure with a hat. Instantly, I tried to figure out if it was harmful or not. One thing I did know is that it had no eyes, no face, no mouth; no indication of life, but I knew it was living. Want to know how? I saidhello and waved. It might seem pretty crazy, but in reality I was very terrified, and what the Hat Man did was take off his hatyep, he took it off and put it back on. Suddenly, I had to blink, and he was gone. The next thing I did was run outside to see if I was just going crazy; I did hear my family leave, and I was right. All of my family had been waiting in the car the entire time I had heard them; it wasn‘t them. I‘m not sure what I heard, but I did answer, and it did sound very familiarlike it knew me already. One thing I‘ll never forget is how, in our family kitchen, there‘s a huge sliding door that leads to the backyard. On this particular day, the blinds had been pushed all to one side, exposing the sunlight. So, what I‘m trying to say is that I know for a fact, when I saw the Hat Man, it was pure daylight. Eventually, I realized I had encountered something I couldn‘t quite tell anyone without sounding crazy. I went into the car, where my family had been waiting; my mom was just about to complain when I said,Were you guys back in the house screaming for me?” She gave me a strange look and said,We‘ve been waiting for you this whole time in the car.” Till this day, I wonder what would happen if I saw one again. I think about how I have a long history of sleeping disorders, but I know what I saw was in real life. I was awake this time. (I‘m not the best at punctuation, but I just thought maybe someone else could tell me I‘m not the only one who has seen him and maybe the Hat Man has moved for them, as well?)