My first encounter of the hat man was when I was about 7 years old. By this point I had been seeing spirit for years and was terrified. I awake after it felt like all the sound was sucked out of the room. There in the doorway in the light of the street lamp against my bedroom wall, he stood. Tall, all shadow, dense dark shadow. He had a wide brimmed hat and a trench coat. I had just learned to set my first circle for protection from spirits shortly before this incident.

Fast forward 10 years. I am 17 living in a town that was half graveyard and half Indian burial ground. I had delved myself into magical and supernatural studies to learn why I was experiencing all this. At this point I was being tormented by a shadow figure for about three months and I was getting drained.

One morning as I was trying to get out the front door while trying to reach as far as I could to shut the light off and shut the door before this shadow figure charged at me. I was terrified and struggling. Because I felt if that shadow got me I was dead. As I shut the light off and shut the door I once again seen the hat man in the light on our outside apartment wall. Same as the first encounter. I felt like he was just watching to see what happened next. But it gave me a chill down my spine and an uneasy feeling in my stomach.

The last time I seen the man in the hat. I had just gotten out of abusive relationship where I experience an NDE. After my near death experience everything changed. I was even more open and was verging on insanity. I was walking alone at night at the local campground where I was hiding. I approached the shelter house with another street lamp outside of it and he was there again on the light on the wall just standing. I was 33 years old at the time.

Now I have 2 friends with female children who have seen him too and it shook me. I started to do what I do best and dig on the internet where I found this site. Thank you for all your work. I would like to know more. Read more experiences. Try to figure out why us. And why in those moments.