Last night, my night terror once again scared the shit out of me. Since childhood, I have experienced this man and always tried to explain that I believe someone is following me without me looking crazy. This Hatman has stuck with me because, in 2010, a black entity (I called him the black man) appeared in my mind or vision and told me to slit my husband’s throat. At that time, I was going through many family issues, and my father just got caught having an affair. The following day, I had a nervous breakdown and went into a catatonic state, and my husband had no choice but to commit me to a mental ward to receive care.

I am 42 years old and have seen this Hatman and black shadow people who come and go for a long time. When they do come, they cause me fear. The Hatman is stuck in my right brain because, for some reason, he must have affected me and my life. I have dealt with these beings for so long, and I have not thought to Google this because I always brushed it off, thinking it is sleep paralysis (since this is the answer I got from doctors). I tried to explain to people and my husband without sounding crazy, but they did not seem to understand.

After last night, I decided to see if Google could give me answers and came across your website. When the black shadow man or Hatman visits me, they put more fear in me, and in my sleep or visions, I try to reach for help but am immobilized. I do not understand the specifics of my life; they come to me and never to my husband. For one, I already had a breakdown and battled with recovering from the aftermath of psychosis and getting my mental health under control for many years. You can say this: Hatman has much to do with the beginning of my breakdown. Now, my life is beginning to flourish, but once in a while, they visit, and I don’t know who they are, what they want, and why they often hurt me or cause fear in me in my sleep. The Hatman or black shadow visits are surreal and put enough fear in me to stick with me till the next day or days. I am glad I am not the only one because, to be honest, they often hurt me, and I don’t even know why.