I was on my way back from out of town, had plenty of sleep the night before, and was well rested. It wasn’t really all that late, it was a beautiful night and the moon was more than half full. I had never heard of The Hatman or Shadow People before, so this wasn’t in my mind. But I’ll never forget it, and I was so thankful I came across this website.

This has been years ago, 2012-2014 not exactly sure. I was passing by a familiar graveyard as I was walking home from work. That’s when I saw him. I’d gone this way many times and I’d never found it spooky or anything. I’d never caught any sort of negative energy there and it was well maintained, not abandoned. On the corner of the road slightly ahead of me on the right side of the road stood a very tall man, maybe 6-7ft. tall in a long black trenchcoat that reached his ankles. His outline was solid black, with no face and he was wearing a large fedora-type detective hat with a wide brim on it. His presence immediately made me feel cold with a sense of dread. Even though he was standing directly underneath a street light, I couldn’t make out any features just that looming dark outline.

My first thought was ‘Why is this guy standing in the road looking at me?’ I quickly walked past him and across to the next street. As I looked behind me to see if he was following me I saw nothing but the street light. There wasn’t enough time for him to go anywhere out of sight. So instantly my heckles were raised. I ran home as quickly as I could and took a break from walking in that area for a while after I checked it out the next day. When I decided to revisit the graveyard during the day to see if I could get a read or feel of any weird or negative energy I didn’t feel anything. But, I did notice that there was no street lamp where the man was standing. I remember it very clearly, but when I went back to check that evening with a friend at night to see what illuminated that area and we could find no light. I vividly remember a soft orange light surrounding this man. It was there when he left the night I saw him. Within the same year, I had seen him while walking in my neighborhood and I noticed 2 dogs with an abnormal stature and longer legs than a dog would have. They had amber-colored eyes and they were giving off a low growl. I did my best to mask my initial fear. Repeating myself my mind was just playing tricks. I’ve had dreams of a girl who was murdered, the same girl multiple dreams, and this man is looking for her. I’ve researched all I can about this Hat Man and it is uncanny how my accounts line up with others.