I am completely blown away by what I have found out tonight! I am 21 years old now. Today I watched the adjustment bureau.. IDK if it’s at all based on the hat man?? but it reminded me of something that had happened to me a few years back about me waking up and seeing a man in a hat in my room… So I was like hey… I have a laptop on my lap.. I’m going to Google it.. so I type in “shadow man in hat appeared in my room” and BAM thousands of people have seen him too!?!? and there’s a website!?!?! I’m completely blown away.. this is so intriguing!!

Ok so a few years ago. I was in my bed. going to sleep. At that time my bed was against a wall across from a big window that takes up my whole exterior wall. I’m laying in bed. To my knowledge, completely awake, trying to go to sleep… then all of a sudden I hear thunder.. and I hear my first name being called by an elderly-sounding man. So obviously I freak out!! I jolt up in bed and turn around.. and across my room, clear as day, is the silhouette of a man with a coat on. and a brimmed hat!!!! and a flash of lightning flashes from behind my blinds.

Completely freaking out at this point, I focus and stare at this man in front of me.. but before I couldn’t say anything. I must have blinked and he was completely gone…. after a second of collecting myself.. I get up and turn on my light. nothing out of the ordinary… nothing is where I saw him standing to maybe have the shadows playing tricks on my eyes. I go to my blinds and lift one to see it’s a clear night and the moon out… I take it for a bad dream maybe?? and go back to bed.

But after tonight I was thinking… I was awake… I knew I wasn’t sleeping. I was thinking about stuff. And about a year ago I had a sleep paralysis episode that completely terrified me so I googled it and found out about hypnagogic hallucinations.. and I thought maybe it was one of those??? But now finding out about other people’s sightings I am completely taken aback… I don’t know what to think… I’m kind of spooked. Well if anyone could give me more information about this phenomenon please do.

— Nick Sanchez