I recently shared this story with a friend, having not really talked about the incident in a long time. She told me back then about it being an actual thing and told me to look it up. I forgot about that conversation as life got busy and we moved into a new house but remembered it tonight. I entered what I saw into google and landed on this site. I’ve decided to write the post before reading the others mostly out of the curiosity to see how much it lines up and to kinda prove it to myself after the fact.

Several years ago (I believe approximately the Fall of 2017) my husband and I were asleep in our bedroom and I woke up to see a dark shadowy man standing in my bed I say “in” because of where his head was and where his body went he was passing through the middle of the bed which I knew didn’t make logical sense for a human plus I didn’t feel the weight of anyone standing on the bed. I was completely terrified, I blinked and thought he would go away but he was still there when I opened my eyes again. He wore a wide-brimmed hat, and some sort of long coat or robe but I couldn’t really see a face. I reached out and woke up my husband while sobbing and I told him “Phil I’m hallucinating” the whole time I maintained eye contact on it until my husband sat up and moved in front of me and blocked my view. I pushed him back away to see behind him again and the figure was gone. I have not seen the figure since then but I know it’s something that is likely going to be stuck in my head for decades or maybe the rest of my life. (I am now 32)