I had my first episode when I was in my middle twenties and I was laying in bed and started going into this weird feeling of sleep. I wasn’t really resting, I felt like I was awake but was paralyzed and couldn’t move. It was dark in the room and I couldn’t see anything but despite being paralyzed my eyes opened. I see this thing sitting on top of me, on my hip as I was turned on my side. I was terrified but couldn’t move or speak, this thing looked like it was wearing a black fedora hat. It was a completely black silhouette with no facial features so black it was darker than the room. I was in a hotel room with a very dim light shining behind him, he doesn’t move or speak just sits on me. It also happened when I was in my early thirties. As far as I can remember I have not had this happen in my younger days and it hasn’t happened since my thirties…I’m now in my 60s and hasn’t happened since.