My name is Javiera, I am now 29 years old, I live in Chile, South America. I’ve seen The Hatman 2 times in my life. The first time I was a child…about 4-5 years old. I was watching TV on my parent’s bed and he was standing at the door’s bed. He was only looking at me (I didn’t see his eyes, he was very tall, all black, but I knew he was looking at me…his energy always is intense). I stand up from bed and walk a little bit because I didn’t feel so much fear…I was curious too…he didn’t do anything, he was waiting. But I didn’t do that, and I went to bed really quickly…I was very afraid too…then he just look at me and then disappeared. The second time was very angry and furious…I will never forget everything about that night.

I was about 21-22 years old when my boyfriend at that time came to visit me and stay at my parent’s house. They didn’t let us sleep together, so he stay in the last bedroom of the house. As you can imagine (haha) I went to him at 2-3 am so we can be together. While we were having sex…I felt like someone was walking threw the kitchen…I really really felt scared…and I said to my boyfriend to stop because I heard something…he didn’t hear anything else…but I knew someone was there…I looked at the door…and I was in shock. I thought it was my brother (because he is really tall) and I was petrified…he was standing there…feeling so much ANGER. He wasn’t breathing, he wanted to kill me…because I was having sex with my boyfriend. He wanted to hurt me because I was sharing my body with someone else…I knew it wasn’t my brother…because he wasn’t at home that night. I was so scared because I couldn’t see anything, he was a dense black shadow (the light of the full moon couldn’t pass throw him) but I KNEW he has red eyes…because he was sending me so much anger with them. My boyfriend couldn’t see him (he was on top of me).

I really feel that he is walking and eating my energy not only in this life. He loves young and beautiful women, the feminine empress. He wants to eat my heart. I know he or other male entities look at me while I’m in the shower…but this entity is something bigger. I don’t feel he has raped me, but he always wants to own me. He feels I am his somehow and that he owns my soul. I think he’s just waiting to claim it…..

Since I saw him when I was a child, many bad things happened throughout my life…and all of them have a sexual cause. I know he has been stalking me since I was a child…he is always near…he is the devil. I know he is. Only in a representation of a form…but he wants to eat my angelic heart that beats divine truth. He wants to dance with me…in this life and before. I can feel his presence. I know he will be there waiting…just as the first time I saw him at the door…waiting to come next to him…
but he also knows I will forever be a divine empress. and he can’t touch me.