It was during a time of sadness and isolation that i was riddled with anxiety and sleeping alone every night. I am a light sleeper and I remember clearly feeling the pressure and weight of someone sitting on the foot of my bed close to my feet which woke me immediately.

There he was in all his profound blackness sitting there but not looking at me. Instead i was seeing his profile as he was looking straight ahead off towards my bedroom closet. I jumped out of bed and passed him to turn the light switch on.. and poof.. he was gone. If I’m being honest the first thing I wanted to say to him in the first thought that came to my mind after seeing him was to ask him “are you okay?”

I somehow managed to go back to sleep that night and he came again in the exact same way sitting with heavy pressure as if he finally was able to rest after a long day. I woke again and he hasn’t returned since.