It was about 8 years ago when I first began having strange experiences . Awakenings would be a better word . I began to be very conscious of things I’d not seen before . New learnings and understandings . About 2 years after this began I was sitting in my loungeroom ..eyes closed just relaxing . When I opened them I saw in front of me ..not my usual TV cabinet and such . But instead what looked like a transparent pub bar ? With bar stools and everything . Sitting on by one was a very black shadow ! So black it made all other black around it look grey . Shaped like a man in a old style hat and coat he leaned crooked on one elbow …staring at me .

Don’t know how I know he was staring as he had no face at all . Then I sensed him grin ! Still no face but yet i knewww he was grinning ! He slowly raised his hand and tipped his hat ! …. Then it was all gone ! . The bar …the hatman …only to be left confused and feeling …heavy somehow . I’ve seen a lot of weird things …and this was way up there . Was he approving something I’d done ? Was he simply acknowledging me ? . Is he bad ? Or is he here to test us ? See if we will submit to evil doings ? … Don’t Know …but he’s real and I’d love to know more !