I’m a 41 yr old male. I can’t exactly remember how old I was when I saw The Hat Man, but I think it was sometime either right before or after 1986. That would have made me 5 or 6/7 years old. I was sleeping in with my mom and dad. I remember waking up in the middle of the night. In the door frame of my parent’s bedroom, I saw a man, wearing a long coat and a wide-brimmed hat. I felt that he was looking at me. I pulled the blanket up over my face and then peeked out after a second. He was gone.

I didn’t tell anyone in my family what I had seen. Years later, around 2018, my younger brother told my mom and me how he had been startled awake to see a man, wearing a wide-brimmed hat in the living room of our old house. It was daylight. And then the man disappeared. My brother and I had never discussed me seeing The Hat Man. His vision had to have happened in the late mid to late 90s. No creepypasta. No internet blogs talking about this. It’s freaky as hell.