On a summer evening in 2018, I was walking back from my neighborhood corner store after a short ten minute trip. I always look back after every corner, even though my neighborhood is usually peaceful. But this was the beginning of my worst experience living here. I was about three street blocks away from my house and, at every corner, there were very bright LED lamp lights, providing excellent visibility even in the fog. As I was walking and getting closer to my house, I looked back as I normally do to see who else was out in the evening. That‘s when I saw it. It was walking and standing at least 6 and a half feet tall, and was completely solid black. It had no face, toes, or fingers. It was just an upright black figure. Even as it walked under the super bright corner pole light, it stayed its form. I had no sense of being afraid. I knew if it was anyone else, the hairs on their skin would have lifted up and they would have been terrified. But, for some reason, I felt no fear, just a sense of curiosity and a little anger. As it came to the corner of the street, it walked next to the corner lamp pole and put its arm behind it, where I could not see. It made a swirling motion twice and then hunched down and stepped into behind the light pole, which was made of iron. It did not come out the other side. I watched for 15 seconds before it disappeared from sight. I walked back, feeling angry because I felt like I was being followed. I had to find out the truth. It had been following me and was still near me. Its presence made a static sound and had a very bad odor. It also loved to scratch human skin and talked in a different sound of communication with its kind. They were invisible to our eyes, but to RH negatives, we could pick up some traces of their noises, while others couldn‘t or didn‘t even notice it. I concluded that it was evil and was a entity of the fallen extraterrestrials, also known as fallen angels. One evening, while I was laying down, I was getting annoyed of it pestering me invisibly, just being a few feet away. As always, I ended up swatting at it, trying to shoo it away like a stray animal. Once I was done, part of my finger was somewhat moist. I smelled my finger and, then, put it on the tip of my tongue. I never wanted to vomit more in my life. My stomach was hurling and heaving for at least an entire hour. I had to drink vinegar and brush my teeth a few times. The vision I received from its invisible liquid was that it was forced, very unwillingly, from a bright subject from above, as far away. I also saw a massive formation of its kind on dry land, longer than the eye can see. Being RH negative has now become a change of reality for me. I saw what I saw, and know what I know, all by myself. I have found that I have a gift, too. With the palm of my hands, I can always pick up and know the direction of north, south, east, and west without using a compass.