It was over 20 years ago when this happened and it still terrifies me to think about it to this day. We were just young teens and we had been out that night with some boys that we shouldn’t have been with. When we arrived home our whereabouts were known and we were in for it!

My best friend and I were to shower and go straight to bed, only not in her bed but on the couch bed where we could be heard and watched for punishment. It was a rough night of tossing and turning and sometime in the midst of the night, I woke to take back some blanket, and there “it” was. It was at the end of the bed. A tall slender dark shadow of a long black trench coat and a black hat almost hid the fact that there was no face to this thing but I knew it was a man. It then went from one edge of the bed to the other without actually walking.

Next, I knew I was waking up in the morning telling my friend the horror story that has remained with me for 2 decades. When I saw the figure labeled “The hat man” it made what I hoped to be a nightmare a reality.