This has taken a long time for me to go public with, but I have been having a lot of synchronicities recently which are guiding me to be more open about my experiences with the Other Side. After several emotional and physical traumatic incidents in my life, I began noticing my ESP was at an all time high. I found a therapist who was retired from the Air Force and specializes with patients with severe PTSD. He never directly told me he was involved in the program, but he alluded to project Star Gate many times in our sessions. He also seemed to just know things that he shouldn’t know; he was by far the best psychic that I have ever encountered. He really helped me hone in on my skills in our sessions. I actually would practice remote viewing sessions with him, where I would actually go to the place my loved one was so I could communicate with them telepathically. I can’t tell you how many times either during the session, or immediately after, that person would contact me! During one of our hypnosis sessions, I drifted off in a very heavy meditative state and I confronted the Hatman. This is the story of my original encounter with Hatman and my reunion with him 15 years later.

Flashback to when I was 16, when I had my first encounter with Hat Man. My brother was away at college, and I would sleep in his room when he was away because the window into his room was the easiest for my girlfriend to sneak into at night. She was with me that night when I drifted off to a very deep sleep. When I woke up in the early morning is when I had my exerience with the Hatman. It was the classic sleep paralysis case; and the first time I had ever experienced sleep paralysis too, so I had no clue what was happening to me and why no matter how loud I tried to scream or how hard I tried to move, nothing happened. The only thing I could do is move my eyes. Suddenly, the door opened by itself and in to the room floated a corn cob pipe, and as I looked to my side to see if my girlfriend was still in the bed with me (she was), I looked back and saw the dark silhouette of a man in a trench coat and a top hat. And even though I couldn’t make out any distinguishing characteristics of his face, I somehow could see and feel him just observing me. I could feel him sort of chuckling or laughing, and then he began to fade away. The pipe floated back out of the room, and then I was finally able to move. I swang my arm over to grab my girlfriend… but she was gone. She had left me a note that she snuck out to her house earlier that morning and she tried to wake me up but I was in an intensely deep sleep.

So now fast forward to recent times, as I am working with this therapist on all the shadow figures that I see in my dreams and meditation. He guides me through a meditation/hypnosis in which I actually confront the HatMan. The scenery is black and grey; almost like a run down board walk ghost town. And I say board walk because I literally walked down a pier over an ocean of boiling red to meet him. We did not talk with spoken words, but we did somehow communicate telepathically, and the identity that he presented himself to me as was my “Agent”. I asked if he was there to cause me harm, and he said no. I asked if he was there to help me, and he also just said no. The feeling I got was that he was simply there to make sure I am following through on some kind of plan or deal. When I asked for the specifics of that plan, all that he communicated to me was that I agreed to it and he was there to make sure I carried it out. He was not a good presence, not an evil presence, but just a presence. I almost got the feeling that he is a Dark Worker, but not completely evil. He is just here to observe and maintain the Dark side of duality, or the Yin, which whether we choose to accept it or not, is part of our reality in this life. I had experienced many dark shadow figures in my meditations and dreams before, but every time I felt like they were lost souls. This Hatman almost gave me the feeling that he was a being or energy that was in charge of maintaining those lost souls. Perhaps he makes deals with them to break them free, or he is the force that makes these souls lost/dark, but to that degree I am not certain.

Anyway, I used this experience to change my outlook on the Hat Man. He does not frighten me like he used to. And while I still don’t know exactly who he is or he exact purpose, I feel like I understand him/it a little better and that force is no longer a villain in my perception.

I believe part of my purpose on this earth is to help bridge the known and the unkown, and to help preserve this great Mystery. I live a very spiritual life and am a member of the Rosicrucians. While I have had some attachments to these shadow entitites, I have also seemed to be a magnet for Light Beings. I am someone who has displayed the “hitchhiker” effect and I have had countless encounters with the beautiful Light Orbs at night. I consider myself a Light Worker, and I believe the Light is what helps me not fear the Dark. The Dark is there for a reason, but we must not let it corrupt or control our lives.