I was born in 1959 and raised by a single mother with one sibling. Unfortunately, our little home of three was filled with depression, physical abuse, anger, and neglect. As a young girl, I didn‘t understand what was happening in our household. Sometime in the mid to late 1960s, I started noticing a figure behind my door at night. I was very young and lived in constant fear. To alleviate my worries, I slept with my door open so I could only see the figure‘s shoulders and above. He was very tall and wore a top hat, similar to Abraham Lincoln. I gave him the nameAbraham and he was a pure black, shadowy figure with no facial features. Despite his eerie appearance, I didn‘t feel afraid of him. Instead, I felt as though he was watching over me, possibly protecting me or giving me a sense of security. He visited me at night for many years, though I can‘t remember exactly when he stopped showing up.

I never told anyone about him until recently when I started grief therapy. In one session, I mentionedAbraham and the vivid memories I still have, and was surprised when my therapist validated his existence as the Hat Man. After researching more about the Hat Man, I came across this website and felt compelled to share my story. Thank you for providing a platform for others to share their experiences with the Hat Man and to validate that it was indeed a real phenomenon. It may seem crazy, but it was my reality.