The first time I seen this figure I was about 16. I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep. From where my bed was positioned I could see down the hallway. I seen him standing down the hallway outside my brothers room. He was facing my brothers bedroom door so I was looking at a side profile. He was tall, wearing a long trench coat and a fedora like hat. He had no distinguishable features, it was dark as the hallway light was on yet I still couldn’t see any features like mouth or eyes. I was frozen with fear and after a minute or so he just walked into my brothers room and out of view. I lay terrified waiting for something to happen because I just knew it was something more realistic than a ghost. After about 15 minutes of lying terrified I got up the courage to go wake my parents, their bedroom was just passed my brothers so as I was passing I looked around the room as quickly as I could, my brother was still sound asleep, and no talk man in sight. My dad searched the house making sure I hadn’t seen an intruder and it was just shrugged off that I had been seeing things. For months later I seen the exact same thing, he was standing in the same place and walked away in the same way. Until one night he was standing at the foot of my bed. He wasn’t looking at me, but looking down towards the floor, frozen with fear I shouted for my parents as loud as I could in that moment, and again he just slowly walked away out of view. My parents again thought nothing of it. One night I woke up to the feeling of someone sitting down on the end of my bed, over in the corner there he was.

I wasn’t sleeping because he had me feeling terrified but then I started seeing him in broad daylight.

For example I was in the kitchen making a sandwich, and from the side of my eye I seen someone walking across the hallway, I wasn’t expecting anyone to be home so when I focused and realised it was him I had never felt fear like it. I kept watching him and he just walked into the living room out of sight. I was so terrified I locked myself in the kitchen with my dog and a knife. I’m not one to believe in ghosts etc but this is too real. I’m 20 now and even thinking about him terrifies me.

I was telling a family member one night and she even thought it was strange for me to admit to seeing something like that and for some reason I thought just to google what I had seen and a bunch of websites came up and turns out I’m not the only one who has seen this! Which actually makes it more terrifying for me


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I also saw him at daylight

I just read your letter and the Hat man that you saw was a lot like the one I saw back in 1979. After telling my grand daughter this story today about my experience many years ago her curiosity made her google the Hat man and there he was in the first Image. I don’t know if I felt better knowing that it wasn’t just me seeing this image or if I felt worse knowing others have seen it too, because I often wondered was it really a bad dream after all. But now I am convinced that he was… Read more »