One day my friend and I were sitting at the dining room table talking when I suddenly felt a lightning bolt flash through my head that doubled me over in my chair momentarily. As I slowly sat back up, I looked to my right and saw the ghostly figure of a man, approximately 6 ft. tall, clad in a long frock coat, with his hands in the pockets and he was wearing a broad-brimmed hat. He had entered the outside living room wall and swiftly walked straight across the living room into my friend’s sister’s bedroom where she happened to be at the time; she was reading a magazine on her bed, as I recall. Once he was out of sight, I looked at my friend and noticed that he was looking at me with wide eyes and his mouth wide open. I asked, “Did you see that too”? and he shook his head, saying “Yes I did”. We quietly walked into his sister’s bedroom to see if she had noticed anything strange and she was quite unaffected by the mysterious being. Apparently the “flash” effect I felt must have had something to do with the energy the being used as he penetrated the living room wall. My friend’s sister’s boyfriend had died in a car accident some eight months earlier and, at that time I thought the specter might have been his ghost coming to say “goodbye” to his girlfriend. Flash forward about 30 years and I began reading stories online about “shadow people” and “Hat Man”. Now I believe the two incidents may have been unrelated, but I still have questions regarding these strange beings.

By William Tatum


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