Before I encountered the Hatman I had a couple experiences with his henchmen the shadow people. Terrifying that experience was indeed as I screamed only to have a hushed raspy whisper leave my throat. My first experience included only one shadow person.

The Hatman showed up in my second encounter, this time the shadow person brought back up, anywhere from 3 to 5 shadow people and the Hatman right in front. Yes I was paralyzed and sleeping on the sofa at my parents house. I remember feeling as though he was Chinese somehow because of the look of his hat. I say his hat because he had a distinctly male presence. When they showed up, again I was terrified. I was able to force them out initially by my will, but I was not powerful enough on my own. They brought me back to moment after I forced them out. In reflection I believe that God allowed this to happen so that I may experience the power that the name of and faith in his son Yeshua has in the spirit. So, when they pulled me back into the experience I was able to utter in the hushed raspy voice “Leave in the name of Jesus Christ”. Let this writing be a testimony to the power of his name because that’s the last I’ve seen of both the Hatman and his shadow people. If you are looking to make sense of this cosmic sized asshole and his minions, don’t. Stop trying to make sense of it and know that you have a destiny to serve the living God. That’s why he is “vamping” off your soul. There is no such thing as agnosticism, get off the fence! If you are not consciously serving the Father and aren’t recognizing Yeshua aka Jesus as the gatekeeper you are serving the Hatman…and if the Hatman is not Satan himself it’s definitely one of his higher ups. If you are not under the covering of God, you are unconsciously serving someone under the Luciferian umbrella/pyramid. May God Bless and have mercy on all those who read this testimony!


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Yes I think my friends and I have seen these… Just last night, he is geting stronger.

I have had that experience and it was very frightening I tried to call out for help but the words did not it seemed to come out of my mouth he only left when I started to pray. It appeared that he was right outside of my bedroom window but I could see the whole figure. It was looking at me intensely and it was just before Daybreak.

Amen, brother. I’ve seen him once and never again.

In my experience, as powerful as faith is against these entities, any amount of self ignorance is a gateway for their continued influence. I have seen devout believers suffer continual subjugatuon and manipulation despite their faith. My assumption is potential ignorance of their own sins, which in turn perpetuate the entities psychic real estate.

No one came here for a damn sermon! Quite funny how you turn a whole page dedicated to The Hat Man into a platform to preach your personal beliefs. No one came here to discuss your religious beliefs. That’s seriously narcissistic behavior you may want to get in check because that is another sickness it feeds upon. I’ve seen shadow people and the hat man for many years. The correlation between negativity (and it takes A LOT of it to help them take that solid shadow form) and their being around is no joke. There are MANY ways to Rd… Read more »

That was AND YhWh not aka…autocorrect..

Were the henchman bald?,an up close to ur face??

When the “hat man/shadow man” visited me he had a dog, now in 2017 he still visits me and he has a little blonde haired girl and a white mouse with wings along with him.