Hat Man Stories I Have Researched

What you will find here is a collection of stories that I have researched and gathered from various sources (eyewitnesses, the Internet, etc). If you have a story about a sighting of The Hat Man and you would like to submit it, please post it here in our Submit Your Story Page.

(Disclaimer: The following are stories and snippets that I have collected off of the Internet.  I have cited all references from where I have drawn the stories.  Any information, views, or opinions expressed below are not necessarily my views.  I have quite different views on The Hat Man than many people. I have presented these to you as case studies of similar experiences.)



Hat man

I have recently been trying to find as much information on shadow people as I can but I can not seem to find very much info.To sum it up one evening after band practice my buddy ran up stairs to grab a sandwich and as I was leaving the room I turned around and seen “hat man” standing next to the drum set.
To make a long long story short, it turns out that when I told my buddy he had seen “hat man” in his house before.
Then 2 weeks after that sighting I seen “hat man” in my hallway one night on my way to get a glass o’ water.
Since then I would see blurs and shapes in the corner of my eye until I moved out of that house.

Has anyone seen “hat man” before? or because it seems that most of my Friends here have seen him. Or could “hat man” be just a Utah shadow people?
Any ideas or information anyone can help me to better understand what, where and who these shadows are and how I can learn more about them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks The Site dude

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Hat man

By Victor on December 11, 2007 – 11:02am

I think I saw one of these when I was a little kid. I cant remember that much about it im 43 now. I was in bed I think asleep dreaming at first but I remember a man was standing in front of me with a black coat and a hat with a brim around it and I dont think he had any face everything was just black but whatever it was terrified me I woke up crying and when I looked in the corner of my room even though it was dark I could see something black in the corner. I remember i yelled for my dad and he came and turned the light on and nothing was there. I never saw it again or thought anything of it until I heard someone on a radio show named coast to coast describe seeing a man with a hat on. Something about him was extrememly scary though and I never forgot that dream or whatever it was. From what I can remember he wasnt very tall though only about as tall as me and i was maybe about 6 years old.


I saw the Top Hat Man too.

By Jaide on November 9, 2007 – 9:41pm

I saw the Top Hat Man too. I found this post when I googled him in fact.Here is what I posted on another site when I first saw him back in 2004:

The first time I saw the Top Hat Man was my freshman year at Eastern Oklahoma State College in my hometown of Wilburton, Oklahoma. I was walking from the library to my dorm and I saw a man wearing a long black coat, shiny black boots, a top hat and sunglasses. He had long black hair and carried a wooden cane with a silver handle. The apparition scared me to death and I told my roommate about it. She said that she and some of her friends had seen the man as well. They weren’t sure what he was, but believed that he was a demon closely related to shadow creatures. A friend of mine named Heather claims to have seen the Top Hat Man on a daily basis since she was 12 years old. She made a deal with him that allowed her to speak with animals in exchange for taking 10 years off her life. Now he torments her constantly. A few days after the first sighting, I saw Top Hat Man standing in the doorway of my dorm room and I haven’t seen him since. However, he has been spreading to nearby towns. In the town of Stigler, which is about 30 miles NE, a girl saw the Top Hat Man and disappeared a week later. She was soon found, but now will not speak with anyone, including her parents and siblings. All who have seen the Top Hat Man know we are not crazy because so many others have seen it. It usually appears to women and occasionally to men, though men who see it are usually gay. One day, we drew on a map all of the place where the man has been seen and it formed a perfect isosceles triangle around a small town called Centerpoint. We think he originated from this area. **Since then I have had run-ins with other shadow people. The roomate in the story I believe has been “possessed” or influenced by them – she has completely changed in personality and has become a very cruel and self-serving person.


What is the geography of the hat man?

By SLAYER OF SHADOWS on September 25, 2007 – 9:43pm

You can see my post on what I saw, but I was thinking-is this an American phenomenon or is this hat man all over the world?I mean could be western intelligence for example, or maybe aliens takng a human form. What the @#&! is this hat man.

Please contact me at rune2402@yahoo.com We should start a thread on number of countries reporting this. I mean the outfit is American for sure. And why always the same general hat-man look. Personally, Id like to beat the freakin crap out of this hatman.



By SLAYER OF SHADOWS on September 25, 2007 – 9:12pm

I saw the hat man. It has been a long time. I was a little kid living in NYC.One night I was laying in the lower bunk in my bedroom. I could see unto the foyer of the apartment which nwas lit by a small night-light. I had been staring into the general area while I sat there because there were some small mice hopping about over a small bag of trash in a corner of the foyer. The area was well lit. There was a heavy duty metal door with a steel rod against it and multiple locks, bolts and chains.We’re talkin NYC living 1975.All of a sudden this black -two-dimensional being appeared. it just walked right through the door. I was paralyzed with fear. I sat there looking at it and hoping it would not notice me because i was in the dark area. It stood for a moment and I could see the very detailed contours of its form. It wore a derby, carried a briefcase and a cane . It appeared to be dressed like someone on business or a traveler.

It traumatized me for many years.I am still traumatized by the event. Only recently did i do a google search and to my amazement, I was not the only one. Anyway, i forgot to say the figure walked through the door then walked into the kitchen. I waited till dawn for relief. There was someting going on in the background history which i would be aware of years later. It turns out that a witch (Hispanic variety) had sent the hat man. Word had it that as part of the spell this withc had gone to a cemetary and placed a soul in a bottle and told it to go and get us. because this witch wanted us to travel to where she lived in Florida. Anyway, It has left me perplexed. I also saw to other shadow people once in the backyard of the new home in Florida. it was a haunted house (many stories0, but I saw them. They seemed to dissapear as they walked into the light. They looked like two gansters from the 50’s. Please feel free to contact me at rune2402@yahoo.com I am also on yahoo messenger.
I really need some kind of support group for this. Scared the shit out of me. I suspect it was sent to document something. I don’t know.


Shadow People

By nrichford on September 14, 2007 – 6:58pm

Check this article for a description of what paranormal investigators believe about shadow people.
What Are Shadow People


Hat man

By TressPasseR on June 20, 2007 – 4:09am

Hello all, I was listening to a radio program not too long ago and the topic of shadow people came up and then a lady called in describing her experience with this hat man shadow. I just couldn’t believe she had a similar encounter that I once had and that maybe my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me that night. After listening to the radio program I felt compelled to tell people about my experience and try to find or research an explanation as to what this thing might be and its motives. Was there a reason for it letting me see it? Anyway on with my story, I live in Canada in the province of Nova Scotia and this happened roughly 4 years ago. My friend and I were walking home to his place from another friends house at about 2 am. My friend Nick lives in a apartment building 3 stories high in a small L shape. WE were coming the back way to the back door which had a light bulb over it, and we were on a hill behind the building pretty much parallel to the third floor. We were about twenty five feet from the back door and I stop dead in my tracks putting out an arm to do the same to him as I was the first to see it. In between the second and third floor in the corner of this L shaped building was an entity about 5 feet tall just hovering in the dark corner, I could see it clearly because it was blacker than the shadows and the light bulb helped visibility. This “thing” appeared to have a long trench coat that looked like it swayed in the wind unnaturally and it was not windy that night and on the top of its head was like a cowboy hat or a wide brimmed hat. Nick saw this as clear as I did so I knew it was not just me. Now this entity was pretty close to the back door and something about it just made me kinda scared and uneasy and I said to Nick ” I don’t even want to know what that thing is, lets just use the front door.” He agreed, when we got inside Nick almost didn’t even want to acknowledge we saw something really weird and we never spoke of it again to each other or anyone else. Can someone plz try to provide an explanation?


Shadow People/ others

By tendain on June 6, 2007 – 4:11pm

HI, new to the site and this is my first time talking about some of this. Never mentioned this part to no one do to living in christian home and all. When i was four, we lived in a house on the original part of town. I woke up from a dream to find my door slam and I was griping the headboard of my bed with the feeling of someone holding my wrists from under the bed. As i screamed and my parents rushed into my room the hands let go and as i looked back I saw a shadow grinning as wide as it could vanishing into my wall. I never knew what it was that i saw, and my parents just told me i was dreaming, which I could have been except I had bruises on my wrists…
The next occurence was about a year ago when me and a few of my friends were hanging outside his front yard. NONE of us were drinking or smoking. I saw a pair of red eyes in the darkness like something was sitting on the neighbors fence. It had stood up after i got my friends to look over and to my suprise they all saw it but only to me he brought fear, a fear as if i knew him or something like that. He saw my fear laughed at me and disapeared laughing.
I have come across other stuff and there is a little bit more to some of the stories, but that is all i would like to say right now in an open chat due to im tired of being ridiculed by christains.


The Hat Man

By hansonp1 on March 9, 2007 – 8:40pm

I was telling this story to co-workers about a man in a top hat that I seen when I was a child that would stand in the hallway at my bedroom door. He told me to come to this web site and check out the stories. One day I was with my mom and my boys in my car and we were driving along and I was telling my mom about the story of the man in the hat that stood at my bedroom door when I was little, and my oldest son said “Mom, what did you just say?”. So I repeated it and he said “Mom I saw that man in our house when I was little standing in the doorway of your room”. I told him to stop kidding with me and he said he swears he was not kidding, he saw the man too. I have never seen The Hat Man in this house but I do know when I saw him as a child it scared the crap out of me.

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Top hat

By Saphireraven on July 24, 2007 – 1:12am

I also saw the man with the Top hat when I was a kid.He would stand in the hallway next to my door and whisper things, he never came into my room or even attempted to enter.
It was weird because one day I realized he was gone and was not going to come back and I missed him.

Funny thing is my son mentioned him to me a few months ago.


The HatMan

By lostgirl on February 23, 2007 – 2:53pm

I found this site looking for more information on shadowpeople.
I live in a large old Victorian house thats been divided into 4 apartments. I’ve lived there 10+ years.
A woman & her 3 children moved in next door.Shortly after they moved in, I started seeing the hat man. He would ‘visit’ briefly before going back thru the wall to the neighbors apartment. I would even watch my dog watching the shadow. I wasn’t dreaming, I wasn’t experiencing hypnogogia, and I don’t take any drugs.
The new neighbor was a mess- seriously into meth, eventually she got her aging mother to move in, while she took off for weeks at a time. She would pop in maybe 1-2 a month to stay the night. Everytime she came home, hat man would make a brief ‘tour’ of my place before going back to hers.
I never got a sense of evil from it. My dog didn’t act afraid, either. But it definetely had a strong ‘presence’. If I was sleeping when he visited, I would wake up-Like when someone is staring at you when you’re asleep. I also had odd dreams. After they moved out, everything stopped, no more visits from hat man, no weird dreams.
I was just hoping for definitive answers about what I saw.


“Hat man”

By nanaforbo on February 18, 2007 – 9:40am

I live in Arkansas and saw the hat man when I was real young (I was still sleeping in a crib), while staying at my grandmother’s house. My sister and I both saw him, however, never brought out stories about him together until we were grown. My sisters version of him was that she and I were sleeping in the same room. My sister said I began to cry, so my grandmother came and got me and put me in the same bed with her, leaving my sister in the room by herself. My sister then saw a shadow on the wall with a man’s hat on (like they wore in the 50’s or so). She got up and turned on the light, and it went away. My grandmother scolded her and made her turn the light off. When she turned off the light, it returned, so she hit the wall, causing it to fall off the wall and onto the floor. My grandmother got up and turned on the light and it went away, then my grandmother left the room again. This time the shadow returned without a head. My version of the story was that I was lying in bed (i did not know where I was lying in bed at), and saw a shadow of a man on the wall with a man’s hat on, exactly as my sister described!!! I did not recall my response to seeing him, just that I saw him.
Another sighting of him is when I worked at a local hospital (I am a Registered Nurse), and the other nurse I worked with one night saw the hat shadow at the end of a hall that was vacant. She did no know of my story, however, described him to the last detail!!!!


“Hat Man” Shadow Figure

By novelproclivity on February 14, 2007 – 9:51am

First the disclaimer: This is partially a recount of what my roomate saw, and since I was in the room at the time, what I witnessed of him. We were both in college in Charleston, SC circa 1994 and shared a room while a third roomate had a second bedroom exclusively (the idea was we switched out every 2 mos.). This was a private apartment building off-campus and not a dormatory. He had a futon at the edge of the room while I slept on a matress at the other end (isn’t college life grand!) The city is purportedly very “haunted” due to it’s age and historic significance. The houses are still Georgian and Victorian, and near the wharf, some old cobblestone streets still exist. I don’t know if this has anything to do with anything, but there it is. I woke up in the middle of the night, around 3 A.M. to hear “C.” saying “no, no, no”, each one getting louder. I relayed something to the extent of “C. shut the F up. It’s 3 A.M. and you are dreaming.” He then sat up in bed and said “get away!” I could clearly see his eyes open and he was breathing heavy. I asked him what kind of a dream he had and he said, “it’s still there”. He then muttered “it went away” twice and laid back down. I thought I had witnessed him having some sort of lucid dream. I even threw a pillow at his head because I couldn’t go back to sleep.

The account of what he told me the next day is what chilled me. He said he saw a shadow-like figure with no discernable face and hollow eyes. It seemed to be wearing a hat, a combination between a fedora (what people here are calling “Dick Tracy” hats) and a witch’s hat. He had on a trench coat and was holding a cane. While all of this is very discriptive, he noted that the entire look/wardrobe was black, shadowy, and smoke-like. The creepiest image was that it was very tall and lanky and had freakishly and unusually elongated features and limbs. The fingers were elongated a foot (12″) a peice. The arms went down to almost the knees, etc., as if stretched. He used the term “unnatural”. This, I have to say, was coming from a person with a GPA of 3.8 in a Political Science major and wasn’t prone to fantasy. He said it was just standing there at the edge of my matress staring at ME! This is what unnerved me. Why was this thing after or looking at me for crying out loud? Just for the record, I never saw it. Anyway, anyone that occupied the other bedroom never heard or saw anything including the two of us during those times it was our turn. Needless to say I was a little jarred. What makes me think this could be something is that I had experiences in this house. I was sitting on the sofa one day when I heard the door open. Our kitchen was off to the right side and the living room straight ahead. The refrigerator door opened and closed. I thought a roomate had walked in a grabbed something. I yelled out a couple of names to come check out what I was watching on TV. When I received no reply, I got up and turned around — no one there. A second occurance I was sitting in the same room and heard someone coming down the stairs. We had a spiral staircase, ironwrought with wooden steps, which clearly made noise upon approach. I was looking directly at the stairs ( the chair faced them and I was watching a TV located on the adjacent right wall). The staircase was moving slightly and I heard the “feet” as they hit each wooden step, then nothing. From the research, however, a haunting and shadow people are two different things? Don’t know if this makes sense to anyone or if anyone who has witnessed a shadow person has encountered other phenomenon? Anyway, that’s my experience.


Men in hats…

By Cent on January 31, 2007 – 9:08pm

Men in hats… I think is a better term than Hat Man.
Hatman implies that it is one man, or that it is some sort of “species” all on it’s own. *grins*Seems logical to me that many sightings of men wearing hats are accountable. When we look back in history, the apparell usual involved hats for men. Whether a gentlemens hat, top hat… mass amounts of men have died during wars. They too wore hats.
My own elderly father wears what I would call a Gentlemens hat.
You know the type… with the little feather on the side.
He often tips his hat when he greets someone.

Just… a thought as to why most male sightings have hats on.



By precious mcgivney on January 30, 2007 – 12:08am


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No… your not alone

By Cent on January 30, 2007 – 9:17am

No… your not alone precious mcgivney.And your not without resources. There is much you can do to make yourself safe/have a solid faith in protection.
You are being harrassed and have every right to demand peace within your room.. at the very least.

Faith and willingness to take a leap, you yourself can find the control and strength in yourself to clear out that which harrasses.
*keep in mind… the harrasement may be due to the entity not feeling you are listening. It’s like yelling to be heard since glimpes don’t always work* btw hon… typing in all capitals is like yelling.*smiles gently* Gifts, ya when one feels like they are helpless, have no control as to what they see or what is happening… doesn’t feel much like a gift does it? I’m one to stay in the closet… so to speak, but your more than welcome to email me. I will answer your questions there. Offer help to correct this. I also have resources I can turn to… or send you for the help your needing. If these events are manifesting precious mcgivney I offer you help.
I say “if” due to many are not true hauntings. Be well, feel safe and stand your ground.

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The Hat Man!!!!

By precious mcgivney on January 30, 2007 – 10:59am

thank you cent for your input on this matter.
i am glad that i am not alone in this matter.
i dont speak about this much to anyone because i have learned that people who dont understant tend to think i an insane.at firist i that i was crazy,but learned later on in life that i am not crazy.this is not my first time to see the hat man.the visions i have also scare me a lot.
i see things before they happen is this normal?
thank you,
precious m.

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Your are more than Welcome

By Cent on January 31, 2007 – 6:07pm

Your are more than Welcome Precious Mcgivney.A complete stranger reached out their hand out to me, offering me the same help. Something I will never forget.
Giving and offering help is… a chain reaction.

Insane? Crazy? ahhahahahaha. Oh my… I’ve heard that one to many times to mention.
Yes stepping out of the closet *so to speak* sets you up for ridicule. At first people are curious, think it’s a trick. Then they start getting more serious… which spooks them, or they want you to jump through hoops. *I advise not to perform* It’s all fun and games until you target in and are right to many times. Either they get spooked and scared of you, and they drop their friendship with you… like a handful of puke.
Or as you said, the subject of nice young men in their clean white coats… are coming to take me away haha.. ho ho.. hehe, to the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time.. “Seeing things before they happen is this normal?” Guess that depends on what Normal is. To some I would say no this is not normal, and it’s time to call in pro’s. To others I would say, Yes this is perfectly normal. *grins* Who’s to say what is or isn’t normal?

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By precious mcgivney on January 29, 2007 – 11:54pm


»hat man

By sixth_sense on January 30, 2007 – 9:27pm

Precious Mcgivney,
I just met a friend and she claims to have the sixth sense. she’s had it since middle school. Thats when she claims she started seeing dead ppl. I wonder if u have the same gift. I’ve yet to find out more about her, being that i’ve only known her for three days. She tells me that if i were to cheat or do anything she’d know. Creepy! Your comment sounds exactly like what she said to me. I hope to hear from u as i will update u on any news or interesting things to share. My email is teng_yang_69@hotmail.com. O and by the way, at nites right b4 i fall asleep someone or something always visits and harasses me. I can’t see it nor do i want to see it but why does it bother me. My friend says that they think its fun to play with us. I curse at it and spit at it (where ever it may be standing) but it always comes back at least 3-4 times a night. Oooo! If only i could… then again it may just get more pissed off.


Hat Man

By Isabella on January 23, 2007 – 7:15pm

Many years ago and friend and I were up late one evening when we heard some neighborhood dogs barking. Thinking it was visitors we looked out the front window and saw the dogs, about 4 of them, backing away from something. (in the street)
As the dogs made their way up the street we could see that they were backing away from a very large figure- a male-about 8 ft. tall-all black- and was wearing a black Dick Tracy type hat.
As the man , and dogs, got right in our view the “hat man” stopped and raised his arms over the dogs and moved his arms from one side to the other. As he did this the dogs went down on all fours and we could hear them whimpering. After about a minute the “hat man” lowered his arms—the dogs all ran in different directions–and the “hat man” walked away from us and vanished!
That was in So. California–many years ago and I have not seen him since. I did feel that he was trying to send us a message, and I don’t think it was real good. I felt he was showing us some type of power.
Hope that helps you-

Shaddow People and Hat Man

By Artorious on January 18, 2007 – 10:59am

I have had several encounters with shaddow people and two specifically with Hat Man. First, for a ton of info on this topic check out Heidi Hollis’ web site (the link is in the GT guests page).
In my two encounters with Hat Man he seemed to go out of his way to try and frighten or anger me. The first time he woke me from a deep sleep and I thought I was experiencing sleep paralysis. I couldn’t open my eyes and I felt a huge weight on my chest. I had a momtent of panic but realized quickly ( I thought) that I was just waking up and was probably returning from an OBE. When the sensation didn’t pass after a few moments ie my vision did not return and I couldn’t draw a breath I knew it was something different. I calmed my mind and focused on the paralysis and could sense a presens on my chest. With a force of will I opened my eyes. As soon as I did I saw an entity in a hat rise from my chest and fade away. I was mildly panicked at first but chalked it up to lucid dreaming and/or old hag syndrom. I was wrong.
A few weeks later I was sleeping again when I heard my family come in to the house ( I work nights ). When I tried to roll over and get up I suddeny felt a huge weight decend onto my back and force my face into the pillow. At first I thought my kids had mannaged to sneak into my room and jump on my back. Then I heard my wife speak to them and they both replied. I panicked, started to rise and felt my head forced back down into the pillow. Now I was angry. I thought that there was an intruder in my house hiding in my room, trying to harm me and endagering my family. In a rage I flung the person off me and sprang half way to my feet untill I saw him. I froze, blinked and shook my head. There was the hat man crouching about ten feet from me with a sadistic grin on his not quite human face. He was gaunt and sickly thin, his skin was pale white, his lips were black and the angrier I became the more he just smiled. I got the distinct impression that he was feasting on my fear and anger. With realization he just nodded almost in thanks.
I calmed my self down, taking several deep breaths and surrounded my self in white light. I opend my eyes and to my surprise he was still there. He said to me that it would take a lot more than that to get rid of him and that he would be staying a while to feed on my self and my family.
Now that I was calm I knew not to be afraid or angry. I would not let this creature taunt me in to feeding him. Instead I just closed my eyes, surrounded my self in the white light again and as he told me again that it would not banish him I prayed for the white light to surround him as well and return him to the light from which we all come from and he had strayed so very far away from.
I opened my eyes to see the light surround him. I felt pity for this poor creature, that it was reduced to being a parasite feeding off the most negative emotions of all. I wished him light and love. He grew angry, and then just faded away with the light.
I don’t think Hat Man will be visiting my house again. I hope this helps you in any future encounters you may have with shaddow people.

Hat Man

By paulym123_2000 on January 20, 2007 – 10:28pm

My only ghostly experience involved the Hat Man. I never knew about this until I looked it up throught he internet.2 years ago on Christmas morning I told my two kids not to come out of their rooms until I went downstairs to set up the video cam. Looking down the stairs I saw clear as day a black shadow figure in a large black(pilgrim type Hat) It ran away and slammed a door that I later confirmed was shut and locked.

I tell this story frequestly becasue it really happened.


Shadow of a cat

By mm_to on December 31, 2006 – 8:58am

Hy, I am new to this forum. This is my experience.I keep seeing a shadow running in my house corridor. It is small like a cat, but it has the shape of a blob. I saw it many times from the Kitchen and the Bedroom. So far this thing has been seen by three people (me included) and one of them was unaware because I have not told him about it. He asked me if I owned a cat!.

At the beginning I thought it was a trick of my mind, because I saw the thing always in the corridor, which is not illuminated. But now i am not the one. Hope it is only an illusion, I do not believe in ghosts but i am a bit scared now. Marco


So what are shadow figures?

By Cent on January 6, 2007 – 10:09pm

So what are shadow figures? What beliefs are out there?
Explanations…. Scientific theory’s…man there are many.Your post Marco, has replayed in my mind a few times since I read it a few days ago. Your words have opened a doorway of information, and yet your words are of contradiction. It’s called denial. You said it your self, you hope for illusion, “a trick of my mind” and do not believe. This is what you tell yourself, and yet all your other senses are telling you that there is something there. This denial *for whatever your reason* prevents you from discovery, the unknown feeds fear. This is what scares you.

I truly understand that type of fear, years past I was overwhelmed with this type of fear.*denying what you know to be true but can not face* I use to call it my Rubber leg syndrome. *still happens when my guard is down* One of those heart pounding moments. First time you see it, a startle reflex, next there’s the Holy Crap. One has to ask questions within themselves to find answers. Why can one person see a spirit/ghost and another cannot? If one does not see it, it is still there none the less.
*personally I’d rather see it and know it’s there than not*
I have witness in a room of people, those that cannot see completely unaware and some will shiver and look around for the source. It is easy to spot the one who Did see it. Usually knowledge and faith in yourself is all that is needed to concur this type of fear. Get past the fear. Opens many things.
Once you get past the fear, you may find what replaces it is curiosity. It is this curiosity that fuels the need for seeking answers. The more knowledge that is gained the less fear takes a front seat. Many ideas, opinions and thoughts all around. It is up to you to sort out what fits, what feels right for you. A few personal thoughts – Ghost is something many will voice non-belief, and yet believe strongly of Spirit. There is Scientific proof all around that we are made up of energy. Is it too far to stretch that energy lives on without the body?
Which brings me to… You are of Spirit, Mind and Body. Now tell me which of the two do you think is stronger? You, or a piece of a whole? Now where does the fear lay? A few questions Marco.
You said like a cat, someone asked about a cat, but you call it a blob.What is it’s true form? What colour are you seeing? *assume black, since this is in the thread shadow figures* How does it move? Like a cat? You see it from the bedroom and kitchen, but it’s always in the corridor… right?
If so, it’s been my experience that when it’s localized in one area there is less thought. The ones that move about the house or have more than one area of appearance have move thought/substance to them.
Do you see it from the corner of your eye, or are you one that can look straight forward and see? *smiles* that’s just a curiosity question really. *looks up*
Sorry for the long post. *blush* …. Guess my curiosity *grins* got the better of me.


Shadows”…are you one that can look straight forward and see?”

By southern mom73 on March 7, 2007 – 10:19pm

What’s the significance of being able to look straight on them and see them? I’ve seen them both ways. I started seeing them again a couple nights ago (last time was a year ago I think). Last week we got a new puppy and a couple nights ago, I was in the bedroom and happened to look up (the hallway and entrance to the bathroom is in plain view from my room)and I saw what looked like the back end of the puppy going into the bathroom and I went to ask my husband to get her, but she was right there in his lap, asleep. I’ve also seen smaller versions darting by on the floor in the corners and under furniture. I’ve seen other things in the past too, but something that really creeped me out was a year ago in our old house. I had gotten this book on psychic exercises and one in particular was a breathing exercise to help you relax. You do it when you go to sleep. Needless to say, I’ll never do that again. I woke up a few hours later, feeling a presence in the room, and looking up, saw the figure of a little girl with long stringy hair that covered her face so you couldn’t see it and an adult figure at the end of the bed with a monkey-like creature (about the size of a chimpanze) on it’s shoulder. The little girl figure ran around the bed to my husband’s side and just started staring at him. The other figure just stood there and eventually turned it’s back to me. I had to fight to get my words out, but finally was able to “rebuke them in the name of Jesus” and they disappeared. In my experience, that’s the only sure-fire way to make them leave. I know some of you may not believe in that, but don’t get offended. We’re all here to share our own experiences and what has worked for us, or to ask advice from others who’ve had similar experiences. Also, in the same house, the tv has come on by itself, and one night I had my bible open on the table by my bed and was awakened by the sound of a book being slammed shut and immediately felt a presence in the room.

In the past, I’ve had the experience of something sitting on my chest and not being able to open my eyes and finding it hard to breathe. I heard footsteps after I did finally wake up, but I didn’t see anything even though I felt it’s presence. When I was little, I saw a charred looking black figure under my crib with sulfur colored eyes motioning for me to come to it, but I ran the other way. It’s been mostly the women in my family that have seen things, but for some reason, my sister and I have seen more than anyone else. I’ve also picked up alot of orbs in the last couple years in the pictures I’ve taken at the church, our old house, and our new one. Has anyone seen anything similar to the other things I’ve seen or had experiences where you’ve heard things?

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“There is Scientific proof

By digitalVideo on January 21, 2007 – 8:12am

“There is Scientific proof all around that we are made up of energy. Is it too far to stretch that energy lives on without the body?”A very salient point. I would add that energy, like matter is nether created nor destroyed. Those that claim belief in God must lend themselves to belief in the ghostly as a matter of progression then, am I correct? Not necessarily, most persons do not.


Shadow figures and man in hat

By Cent on December 2, 2006 – 9:22pm

I’ve taken in so much from your site, I thought it’s time I give back.Shadow figures, and man in hats. I have had encounters.
I thought I would share a story from my journal.
This story is how I coped back then, to write it as a 3rd party.
It was the day in my life that I stopped running, and realized I was running from myself.
They were there whether seen or not.
*tho I believe they are drawn to those that can see or sense their presence.*

Okay… so here it is… no teasing now… I was young and in denial. Truth or Fiction, a Ghost story. By Cent *hey like I said, denial* The sun was bright and the birds welcomed in the day. It was a beautiful morning, but something just didn’t feel right. Like getting up on the wrong side of the bed. The breakfast dishes done and the little ones playing quietly, now would be a good time to catch up on the ironing. While the pile of ironing went down, the young mother had an ever growing sense she was not alone. Frowning she tried hard to ignore it, until suddenly, she felt someone was watching her. She spun around quickly thinking someone was looking at her through the window. Only to feel foolish and embarrassed realizing she was on the second floor.
Quickly she packed up the ironing, and hurried down the stairs. A picture kept flashing through her mind of an older man in a beige trench coat with a gentleman’s hat on. Within minutes the children came clambering down the stairs. “Can we play in the living room mommy”, the eldest asks.
“Yes, but why not play upstairs with your toys, rather than down here?
“We got scared and decided to come down.” he replied. The little one still in diapers, pout’s and demands to be picked up. As she bends down, he wraps his arm’s tightly around her neck and buries his head. “What’s the matter honey?” she gently prods.
“Man in da hall scare me.” replied the toddler. Her knees grow weak. She takes a deep breath.
“What man?”
“The man in da coat and da hat.” he replied. As evening fell, it seemed harder then usual to settle the children down for bed. It had been an exhausting day and she decided to retire early. After checking one more time on the little ones she walks down the hall to her room. Sensing something, she stops. She can’t help stare at the corner in the hall. Standing there for a long moment. The sound of her husband’s heavy footsteps coming up the stairs brings her back. What was that? Her eyes popped open to the blackness. She listened in the night. One of the children is whimpering. With urgency she goes to see to her child. Turning on the little lamp, she’s confused by the haze. She rubs her eyes.
He laid there in a little ball whimpering as he slept. It feels cold. She reaches out to rub his arm. It was like ice. Fear crept over her, instinctively she climbs into his bed wrapping her arms around him and drawing him close. “Mommy, make him go way.” he whispers.
A shiver goes up her spine
She kisses him and whispers, “I’m right here.” By the next day, the children refused to go upstairs. The feeling of anger was beginning to wash away her fear. It fed her courage. She stomped up the stairs and down the hall. “Stop scaring my children, this is my house and you don’t belong here, leave.” she demanded.
She waited for a long moment. The feeling of sadness and a sense of loss washed over her. Tears welled up in her eyes. “I’m sorry, but this isn’t where you’re supposed to be, you have to go now. Follow the light, it has the answers.” The day quickly went by without a hitch. All seemed quiet.
As they ate dinner at the dinning room table, “So are you kids still scared to go upstairs?” Daddy asks.
“Nope, mommy took care of it.” answers the eldest. The children grinning, looking to Mom. “Eat your veggies” she reply’s. Cent


I have seen shadow people in my house

By chris1 on November 18, 2006 – 3:14pm

I can relate to what you have seen. here is my story:3 years ago, my brother and his friend were having a sleepover. They were in sleeping bags in the middle of the room with a T.V. in front of them. At about 11 o’ clock, they saw a very dark humanoid figure appear out of nowhere at the back of the room. It slowly walked along the wall and then suddenly, it began to move extremly fast. It ran right up behind them. They bother cowered under their covers in fear and eventualy, the thing left. They said that the most frightning thing about this being was the way it walked. It moved almost as though it were a zombie. It moved it’s limbes in a strange, unusual order. The next morning, I went downstairs to find my brother and his friend playing video games. The described this story to me and I thought they were on drugs or something.
I asked them “If it was pitch dark, how could you even see the creature.
My brother then said, “it was so black that you could see it perfectly clearly.
Weeks later, my brother told me an even stanger story. He said that for a few seconds, he saw what appeared to be a man in a hat outside of his room.
I never belived any of this until about a year ago. That was when I starten to notice strange things as well.
I can recall on a few occasions having this feeling of being watched at night. It is hard to describe this feeling. I would feel very nervouse and always expect to see somthing jump out at me.
This hppened quite a few times. Sometimes I also get thing strange feeling when I am on the computer. About twice, I can recall seeing something shadowy out of the corner of my eye, but whenever I would look, I diffapeared.
What really made me belive in this is smothing happened this monday.
I was in my room at 11:30 P.M. listening to my CD player. My brother told me that at 11:30 he wanted aturn with it (we only own one CD player). At 11:25, I saw some sort of movement outside of my bedroom door. It seemed to stop moving before it accually entered the room. I couldn’t get a clear look at it because it was around a corner. I assumed it was my brother coming to pick up the CD player. What I saw next was one of the most frightning experiences I have ever had. As the being walked into my room, it sort of vapourised and disapeared. I looked as though it had been engulfed in brownish beige flame and vanished.
The next day, I began to be curiouse. I researched these dark humanoid beings on the Internet. I was brought to a page about “shadow people”. This is definatly what me and my brother have been seeing. Ever intimate detail abpuit these beings that we had seen was displayed on the web page. The feeling of being watched, the way they appear and disapear in a puff of browning smoke, the strange way of movement, the “hat man” that my brother saw, and the way they dissapear every time you turn your head to get a clear look at them.

If anyone knows of a way to get rid of these entities, plaese tell me, because have these thing in my house is extremely frighning.


I really saw this thing

By SLAYER OF SHADOWS on November 4, 2006 – 10:06am

Once when i was a child of about 8 I guess, I was sitting in my bed staring into the space that led from the apartment door into the kitchen area-a square space of about 5 square feet that was lit by a night light.This was in New York about 1975. The door to the apartment was made of metaland had several locks and bolts and even a long rod extending in front of it. That how it was in those days for security in the big city.

Well as I sat watching these little mice play in a corner of this square (foyer), i suddenly gasped as the hat man just walked in thru the door whithout openning it and just stood there for a moment before going into the kitchen in front of him. I was so terrified i cannot even explain. Apparently he did not see me or had business in the kitchen. I dont know why he would walk into the kitchen since it was a very small kitchen, but he did. He was completely black and light did not penetrate or reflect from him. he was like black void. he had the shape of a man wearing a hat even carried a case and what appeared to be a cane. I am a bit perplexed by the accounts of many since these dont seem to be followed by any account of fear.i mean i was crappin my pants. I have had other dissimilar freaky experiences dealing with witchcraft, demons, God, and what not. Bottom line? Ever since i turned to christianity of the non-fake facist type, it all has stayed away. So much so I no longer fear it. i feel god has empowered me. I also feel our country is saturated with evil. the minds of the populace is under the control of evil as far as i am concerned. And yes.There is such a thing as evil. My two cents. P.S. Why did i have the questionable fortune of seeing these damned things?


Shadow humanoids, shadow critters.

By The Doctor on October 13, 2006 – 12:38pm

I have run into shadow critters from time to time in the past, most recently at a convention a couple of weeks ago. The farthest back I have seen them is probably 2000 or 2001 (with two exceptions, which I have separate hypotheses for).Most of those times I saw shadow ‘critters’ (the best way I can describe them). They were small (probably hamster-sized) and moved rapidly, just like rodents though I do not recall seeing any details, aside from a projection which reminded me a little of a short tail. Usually they were spotted running across open floor or up walls (which is very disconcerting). They would usually disappear after five or six seconds in full view. One moment they were there and the next they were not, as if someone had ‘switched them off’ (my apologies for mixing metaphors).

The first hypothesis that came to mind was that a glitch in my visual cortex was responsible. Others in the area corroberating what I saw nixed that idea, though the possibility of group reinforcement of a mistake in interpretation is a very real one. At this time, I have no explanation for the phenomenon, or why so many people are reporting sightings. —
The Doctor [412/724/301/703]
Antarctica Starts Here.


ive seen him

By shftyapone on August 31, 2006 – 8:53pm

Im a collge student living in kentucky now but i saw hat man in pittsburgh pa about 3 years ago. When i saw him it was about 3 am and a friend and I were on my front porch. We stepped out in the street for some reason i dunno why but when we looked up the street we saw an enormus maybe 15 foot tall man in a top hat running down the street at us. He was probably 500 yards away and gaining. At first we thought we were hellucinating but as he got closer we realized that this was very real. He was so menacing that to this day i get the worst case of chills ever just talking about it. I have never seen him again but my younger brother and his friends have reported sighting on our street. This is odd because we hadn’t told him of what we had seen before he told me his story. This is really weird and id like to know about other’s experiances with hat man since ive heard this is a national occurance. Id like to get information on it. thank you


Shadow Man with Hat

By ankhtau on July 6, 2006 – 5:06pm

I came face to face with THe Shadow Man when I was about six or so. One night I needed to use the bathroom after waking and started walking to the bathroom and walked right up to him. I was so scared I could not move or take my eyes off of him. He was wearing what reminded me of Dick Tracey. After what seemed a lifetime he floated backwards turned to the left and floated quickly through the kitchen and out the closed window. I watched until he was gone and ran back to bed and covered my head. I had no idea anyone else had ever seen him. Then in 1997 while on vacation, I woke one night not able to move or breathe and a shadow figure sitting at the end of the bed leaned over and told me to relax, close my eyes and go back to sleep and wake up again and I would be ok. I thought it was my husband and I did what he told me to do. I closed my eyes heard what sounded like and engine of some kind starting to increase in sound and then woke up again to find my husband asleep. I woke him up and asked him if it was him. He said no. I have no idea what that was either. Can anyone help?ankhtau


Shadow Man with Hat

By nosferatuia on February 27, 2007 – 2:54pm

I think the engine type sound such as the one you heard are common with people who experience OBE’s especially when the astral or etheric body leaves or re-enters the physical body. People have also reported hearing loud pops and what they call gun shots, or other various noises associated with OBE’s. Not sure about the Hat man though, it is curious because you saw him prior to this event as well.Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.—Poe


I saw ‘Hat Man’

By JenniLee on June 15, 2006 – 12:26pm

On June 12th, 2006 at almost exactly 11pm in Las Vegas, NV. I was talking on my computer to a friend on IM. All of a sudden I see a shadow out of the corner of my eye. Then I saw it again. I was just getting into telling my friend about the shadows I have been seeing, when all of a sudden there it was, right in front of me. My wall is about 2 1/2 feet in front of my face. There was a computer in the way so I was only able to see half the shadow. The shadow stood before me within arms reach for a total of maybe 2 or 3 seconds and darted across my wall from right to left. It stood still long enough for me to see it’s clear form. It looked like a male because of the type of hat (looked like maybe a short top hat or something) and a fairly large coat or cloak or something. He had no flowing hair or anything. I was frozen in fear. But as fast as it ran from me, I ran from it. Strait into the bedroom (this was in my living room) yelling to wake up my boyfriend. He jumped up asking me what was wrong… I was already shaking and as soon as I could get the words out of me I started crying. It was like my worst nightmare but in real life. I was wide awake and under absolutly no influences of any kind. I have had plenty of sleep. Besides being under and unsual amount of stress, there is no reason for me to believe that I am going crazy. I just want to let people know… that I am 1000% sure of what I saw, and after a little research I did online a few days later, I am more convinced than ever that these ‘shadow beings’ are real. I don’t know if some people just had this special ability to see things that others can’t…. but I can assure you that in my whole heart and soul that I believe that these things exist. If I only know a fraction of the truth… I could only imagine what I don’t know. What we all don’t know. None of us can truley say that we ‘know’ without reason for doubt, but I KNOW is saw something. It was too fricken real! Give me a lie detector test, hypnotize me, do what ever… but I promise you that these shadow creatures exist wether you can see them or not. (a little redundant, but it gets my point across)Shadow Beings Exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do want to hear other people’s story about these shadows. Please only honest and true stories. e-mail me @ fuknrock@hotmail.com I hope to get the word out about these things. I’m not the type to just believe in anything w/o proof. I wasn’t even sure if I was seeing shadows out the corner of my eye or not. But seeing ‘hat man’ head on before I even heard of shadow people or that any other people were experiencing this, pulled me into doing some research. The first picture I found was a ‘hat man’ photo. My heart dropped when I saw it. THAT WAS THE SHADOW I SAW! Or very close to it. coincidence? yeah, right.


hat man

By joeg8272 on June 7, 2006 – 12:00am

just a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend had a dream where he seen hat man and i was just woulding if you found anything out u would want to share?


Shadow Person Research

By Nathan on June 2, 2006 – 2:04pm

I know author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, is writing a book on Shadow People. She is very interested in taking down any information or experiences people have had. You can check out the site at: http://www.visionaryliving.com/articles/shadownoitce.html
If you contact her she may have more information for you, and I’m sure she would like to here your story.
Or email her at: rosemary@visionaryliving.com.
Nathan D. Schoonover
Death is the starlit strip between the companionship of yesterday and the reunion of tomorrow.
– on monument erected to Mark Twain & Ossip Gabrilowitsch


Shadow People and “hat man”

By Analytical on May 15, 2006 – 3:02pm

Hey Mr. Site,You can look at the “Recap” of a discussion about shadow people and the hat man at http://cc.msnscache.com/cache.aspx?q=3238591660649&lang=en-US&mkt=en-US&FORM=CVRE
I saw the hat man back this past December. A black little lean male type figure, wearing a floppy type witches hat. But everything was black, no face, only static looking electricity where a face should be. I had awoken from sleep to see this thing (or at least thought I had). Scared me bad. It was at the foot of my bed, looking at me looking at “it.” It was weird in that my body was in a paralysis type state (ergo, I wonder if it was real or a dream). In any event, as “it” approached, the only thing I knew to do was say the Lord’s prayer. I remember having a hard time speaking, but I know I was at least thinking the Lord’s prayer. This “thing” ended up leaving my bedroom and out the front door. I checked the next morning, the door was locked. This has never ever happened to me in my life and I am a 49 year old white collar professional. I haven’t notice it happen since. I hope it does not. While the art bell/George Noory “Recap” does go into the topic of shadowpeople and the “hat man,” what I saw is not in the description… Hope this helps.


You may wanna see if you can

By Elmer on April 25, 2006 – 10:02pm

You may wanna see if you can get some of the old art bell show aka coast to coast art used to cover alot on shadow people you may wanna see if you can get some of thoses old shows where he used to cover them.


Places to find recordings.

By The Doctor on October 13, 2006 – 12:19pm

You can often find recordings of Coast to Coast AM on the Open Napster filesharing network. If you have access to a Usenet feed, also check out the newsgroup alt.binaries.sounds.radio.coasttocoast.am. There one can sometimes find recordings of shows dating back as far as 1993.–
The Doctor [412/724/301/703]
Antarctica Starts Here.


Heidi Hollis and Shadow People

By Doug on May 16, 2006 – 12:14am

Heidi Hollis has content on either her ufo2u.com site or another one of her sites (they are all pretty much linked to ufo2u) about shadow people.I told her about the one I saw at Savage House (here in Michigan, has since been torn down). It was wearing a hat and there is (or maybe was if the site’s been redesigned) a drawing on Heidi Hollis’ site very much like the one I saw.

~~==- Doug -==~~
co-host, Ghostly Talk
panelist, Paranormal Minds
fan of everything Indie


Well I finally broke down

By Cellsitedude on January 18, 2007 – 11:18pm

Well I finally broke down and got myself a membership to C2C and I have spent hour upon hour combing through the site looking for more information on shadow people.Thanks for sharing all of your experiences on the shadow people.
But I still have many questions and some theroys of my own that I am dying to know.
I guess that all I can do is keep searching, questioning and recording other people’s experiences.

Thanks again The Cell site dude!


Thats a good idea, I never

By Cellsitedude on April 26, 2006 – 6:58pm

Thats a good idea, I never thought of that.
But does coast to coast require a fee to access the shows and archives? Thanks


YES, unlike the selfless

By Fashtall on April 27, 2006 – 6:09pm

YES, unlike the selfless givers here at GT, Streamlink does require a monthy fee of $6.95 per month, $29.95 for 6 months, or $54.95 for 12 months. Also unlike GT, C2C doesnt keep an archive of ALL their shows. C2C goes back 90 days and they offer 4 “Bonus” shows per week from way back.
The only Shadow People show currently availabe from C2C is from the March 27th show.


The Shadows

By Cellsitedude on February 17, 2007 – 10:41am

Thanks for all of your comments and stories about the shadow people and “The Hat man”.
Reading through your posts has helped me piece more of this puzzle of life together.
Shadow beings have always been an interest for me and since my encounters with the Hat man I have had many questions that remain un answered. But with everyone sharing like you all have helps a lot.
Thanks againThe Cell site fixer dude.


Last weeks show with Heidi Hollis

By Cellsitedude on February 23, 2007 – 5:58pm

I was so happy to hear Heidi Hollis return to GT! And even better she mentioned the Hat Man.It sounds like some are seeing the Hat man not only as just a shadow people type being but as an entirely different being all together.
Normally, at least with my experience with the shadow people you cannot make out any features at all because they don’t seem to have them being that they are nothing but shadow.
That was my experience when I seen Hat man on both occasions he appeared to be purely shadow.

I wonder if the Hat man with pasty almost grey skin, pronounced cheekbones and even a pocket watch is something else besides a shadow person.
Any thoughts? I have been researching the shadow people for close to 3 years now and have been in contact with many who see the Hat man as a shadow person with no distinctive features other than the hat and trench-coat.
Any thoughts or more information anyone can give would be great. Thanks The Cell site fixer Dude.


Top Hat Ghost/ Shadow Man…

By nosferatuia on February 27, 2007 – 2:24pm

I am finally glad to see that there are other people who have seen the/ a hat man or shadow person, here is my story, This house is in Texas:When I was a kid we lived in a haunted house. There was, and probably
still is, a shadow of a man that would walk up and down the hallway.
The odd thing is the shadow was pretty clear and he had a beard and
wore a top hat, and he definately resembled Abe Lincoln. Yes I know
sounds pretty odd, but my whole family saw it and we never saw him any
where except the hall. He never went into any of the rooms adjacent to
the hall or any other part of the house for that matter.

Has anyone seen a ghost like this? The reason I ask is because I have
heard several stories on coas to coast am of people seeing ghost that
look like none other than Honest Abe. One of our family friends also
related a story in which she saw a figure like this many years before
I was born. She didnt know we had seen one when she told us the story. Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.—Poe


The Hatman/Hatmen in Alabama

By jkikerx78 on July 21, 2007 – 12:43am

My story started off in dreams…and have made their way into the “real” world.In 4th grade, around 1989, I was having dreams of the hatman…tall shadow like figure, trench coat and fedora hat. He was like a shadow, even his face. In my dreams, he would appear and watch me. When his eyes glowed red, I would feel the urge to hurt others…and would do so in my dreams (for the record, I never acted on those dreams ). I’m not sure why the dreams stopped, but they eventually did.

A few years ago, my grandmother passed and I was in a bit of dark place. The dreams started again…except this time, the hatman changed shape in my dreams. He would become my grandmother, my paralyzed cousin and other negative characters in my dreams. I would(insert laughter here) turn into my childhood hero and fly away…or escape in some way. Finally I beat him by standing up to the darkness in my dreams, calling him out and facing my fears…the dreams stopped. Now he has been seen by people close to me, in the real world! My cousin, the one from the dreams, has seen him…tried to reach out for him. His mom has seen him and they have been “haunted” on several occasions. The really weird part is that their neighbors are seeing him too…they are all describing the same guy! The same desciption that you all are giving, is being seen right now by a handfull of people…who live close to one another!

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