Unlike the few stories I read, I saw the Hatman when I was much older. I was 53 years old. My wife and I came home from dinner one Friday night in October. I was sitting on the couch watching TV and was starting to get sleepy. I told my wife I was going out for a walk to wake up. As I was returning to my house, I saw a man approaching me in the distance. He was wearing all black, in a style of clothes that reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. I thought it peculiar and stopped at the bottom of my driveway and watched him as he walked closer. It was starting to get dark and the street lights were on but there still was some light in the sky. He stepped off of the sidewalk and into the street under a light about 30 yards from me. He turned and faced me and just stood there. I realized he wasn’t human and thought about running inside. Instead I decided to get a closer look. I said a quick prayer, asking God to have my back. I took about three steps towards the Hatman bad he ran. He went from zero to about 25 mph instantly. When he ran, his foot speed didn’t seem to match his speed and there was no sound from his footsteps.


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Evidently, anyone with faith in God would have scared it away. This is automatically assumed, but confirmed here. Any demon or ‘dark force’ would easily be overpowered by God, and when they’re not welcome, they’re NOT welcome. The Hatman would have approached, unknowing, as demons and angels are unable to establish a psychological connection (reading minds, inputting thoughts) with people. (On the exception of possession, of course, which is impossible to one who has dedicated their life to God, or in other terms has ‘filled their spiritual void’ with Him, as there is no void left for a demon to… Read more »

I read a lot of hat man stories and none of them reflect my story as well as yours. I, too, saw him at night, outside, and at a distance. I stood there staring at him and he stared right back at me, as if he were challenging me. His eyes were large and very piercing. After a moment or two, he bagan to walk towards me. Like you said, the gait didn’t match the speed. It seemed like each step moved him 10 feet closer to me. I became extremely frightened and ran inside the house. I told my… Read more »