It was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. I was always fascinated with ghost stories, horror films, mysteries, even strong spiritual connections… I can honestly say I never truly believed in ghosts though… There was always too much of a question there. If you ever have an experience like this you will never question again as it opens up all kinds of doorways of thoughts on the supernatural. In my house, a 1970s southern home, I have felt a presence before… It often is negative but has also been angelic after my mother passed. There were little things that happened when me and my sister were young… We shared a room together… I had seen a wolf-like creature standing by her nightstand with
Neon green glowing eyes… And another timshe saw an angle watching me as I slept. Those visions faded with time and age. One night just a few years ago now I had fallen asleep in my bedroom. I felt something was watching me. My eyes flew open and standing near the foot of my bed, kind of at the side, was a man watching me… He had beady piercing black eyes, he was old but had no wrinkles, white hair and a white short beard. He wore what appeared to be a black trench coat and a rounded long brim Amish looking hat or sharp brimed vintage fedora. His look was dull, stoic, slightly sad, intrigued somehow by me… Menacing because of it. I got the feeling he had been there before. After several good seconds of realizing this was infact real I let out a bloodcurdling scream. I ran up the back of the bed and against the wall. And he vanished before me. I turned on the night lamp and grabbed my phone. Went outside my room and called my sister. What is curious is that my mother passed a year later in the same month. I often think he was a forteller of doom…. Or just a curious entity that wants something but is unsure how to attain it. It helps to know other people have seen this “man”… I would like to talk to someone who actually saw this pale man’s direct face because very few I have read saw him at such close range. I can still see him right now in my mind…


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I seen him. But what I felt was that he was warning me. A week later I had a miscarriage. I believe that he tried to tell me that he was there to collect a soul. I heard him talk to me. His mouth never moved. But I know what I heard and I know what I seen. He is very real.

Well, I’ve seen him. I am 58 years old and saw him very clearly standing at the end of my childhood bed (I was 18 years old in my parents home). He was wearing a long dark coat, wearing a black hat – a shadow figure that stood there in the middle of the night – holding a clipboard. I awoke for unknown reasons, sat up, looked right at him, ran to the bathroom – got a drink of water to make certain I was awake and aware and not just dreaming it, went back into my room and he… Read more »

I have seen him and his face was always a pale white or almost ghostly green, but really couldn’t make out the features. I saw him more than once, usually he would be in the corner of the bedroom and just watching like you said. The hat and the coat which I thought resembled a cape, I guess because it was not full length like a trench, is what I recall the most. I am almost 40 and was 19 and in that age range when I would see him, so my memory may not be as sharp but his… Read more »

This happened in Finland in fall 2016. Me and my two friends were tripping on acid and one friend was sober/little drunk, one of the first times (first or second time) we did LSD. I cant remember the time or how dark it was but it wasnt too dark. We stoped by some stairs (dont know why) in a park wich is really public. And after we had been chilling there few minutes two men came by in nice maybe a little old fahioned (20th century) suites, cant remember if they had hats, but i think other of them had… Read more »