I was 23 when I saw what I think experienced what people call the Hatman. It was by far the most terrifying experience of my life. First let me say it was early morning and still dark. My mother and I are both nurses so working day shift we left early for work before daylight. I was staying with my mom to save up money ( Single Mom worries). My mother would drop my 5 year old son off to day care for me because it was on her way to work. We lived on five acres, with large lights on wooden poles throughout the property that turned on by a timer. It gave a sense of protection because it could get really dark. But this illusion was dispelled instantly that morning. Walking to our vehicles I noticed a man standing under one of the lights closest to the house. I couldn’t see his clothes per say but their outlines. He didn’t have a trench coat, it looked to be mid thigh victorian era coat tapered,, he had on boots from what the outline suggested, a stove hat, and he was looking at a watch on a chain. He didn’t cast a shadow of his own. He was black as night. It’s amazing the things that go through your head when something like this is happening. I could feel the evil coming off him in waves. It was almost like my adrenaline was about to make my heart explode. I was so terrified I actually felt my eyes dilate. I began screaming at my mother to put my son in the car, just go. Go right the fuck now. Not my usual vocbulary. Plus they couldn’t see or feel what I was feeling. My mother kept yelling what’s wrong , what’s wrong? I walked back to her car and put my son in the seat and literally forced my mom into leaving without me. All the while it’s watching. I can’t see it smiling …but I can. If that makes sense. It made me sick to my stomach. We had a 500 ft long drive way that led to a dirt road, very isolated. I didn’t get in my car and follow my mother and son until they were at the end. I had to make sure it wouldn’t follow them. I just looked straight at it. My heart running a 10 K and I’m standing still. I left finally to find my mother waiting for me at the end of the dirt road to the highway. Bewildered I made her leave and called her from my cell to explain why I had acted like a crazy person. Strangley, she believed me. I don’t think it was used to my reaction. I had to protect my family. Even though I knew it was there for me ( I don’t know how I knew this, I just did ). I hope to never feel that type of intense fear again. Ever. I’ve met my quota in spades.


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I saw the hat man in my dream once, he was down the street from a church by my house. He walked behind somebody house and then walked down the street towards me and had a white shirt under his black trench coat. There was a black vest over the shirt, and then he grabbed his pure black face which seem impossibly black. Then he pulled and took all the black over to reveal a normal human face underneath, this was just a dream but it was one of the most real dreams I’d ever had. Plus i wasn’t even scared of him i was aware he was the hat man since I knew about him before.


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