My name is Tim Brown. I am the site owner, administrator, and researcher for The Hat Man Project. The purpose of this site is to research the phenomenon that has come to be known as “The Hat Man.” Reports of The Hat Man and other shadow beings have been on the rise within the last 10-15 years. It was due to my own experience and my awareness of other people’s sightings of The Hat Man that I decided to begin this research project.

The aim of this web site is to explore the stories of the many sightings that have been reported. This is the very first and only web site solely devoted to researching, collecting, and archiving information and stories relating to The Hat Man. As more stories are researched and collected they will be posted on this site regularly.


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I saw the hat man.
I don’t like to call him that way.
But the man with the top hat, the cane, and the crow.
He appeared to me a couple of times about 15 years ago.
He was at my window at the foot of my bed and had a butcher knife on his hands.
He seemed has if he came from a different world. He was like a vision.
That said I still don’t know what he wanted.

I’d like to recommend that a page be made for data compilation. Comparisons, appearances, variations, actions, locations, activity, etc. etc. etc. I think it would contribute greatly to the cause of the site. Also, allowing people to draw conclusions and communicate results with others on this page would be a good idea, but it is just a suggestion; it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to manage.

It’s all true. I have seen him. It scared the you know what out of me.

All of my children have seen the hat man, over many years, when I was living with my Ex in our old house. He always held an old time suitcase & I had seen him many times too! But, last night – my youngest son seen the shadow man too & was frozen in bed. He could not get up, scream or more, only was able to grunt! In the past, we’ve had many other issues, especially after My Dad & Sister passed away! What does all of these things mean?

HI , I am 38 and have been getting regular visits during sleep paralysis from the age of 1 my parents have watched me over the years scream during the night I can only discrive the feeling of death I literally feel like I’m going and have to fight to get awake ! It came to a head when I was 25 the hat man showed himself he was in the corner of the room I can only discrive him as a freddy lookalike this lasted what seemed like hours I awoke and couldn’t get out the house as my… Read more »

I have also seen these things ever since i was little. It wasent always the hat man. It was a witch when i was little then shadow people. Then recently the hat man appered in my room ro point at me next to my dresser i was scared at first then it was laghfter i dont know why. There is more to the storys of this happing from a young age to now

I had a picture of the hat man. I was around 11 or 12,my brother john was shoveling chips in his mouth and I decided to take a picture of him. When I got them developed I found two pictures of a man in a hat and the broad shoulders looked like he had a trench coat on. You could only see from his shoulders up to the hat. See through but really dark. It was a two story house and he was behind the lines in the window. So it wasn’t over lay from another picture. It was daylight… Read more »

two of my friends experience the hat man on a regular basis. Even in this moment, literally, he is here. I can feel him every time but I haven’t been able to see him. I want to be able to help my friends, and understand what I am feeling at the same time. We need answers. Please help.

Hey have you ever had a person tell you a story with the man that wears the hat and the drench coat but had a two Head dog?

I saw the hatman last night at 3:00 am he grabbed me bye the threat choked me till I passed out and revived me to chok me out again and he called me bye my name

I’ve had experiences with this one since I was a child and it has been getting worse and worse I know it’s him by the feeling. When i was young I woke multiple times and couldn’t breathe or move but was fully awake for between 30 seconds to a minute as I got older 10-12 years I started trying to gradually roll my body back and forth until it finally gave and I flipped over from momentum arms still pinnedat my side eyes not able to open until I flipped didnt always work as I got into my late teens… Read more »

I have seen the tall man all dressed in black, cloak, tall hat, I was very young. As I grew, I became a nurse in a psychiatric institution. When the young children came in from attempting suicide, some would say that they had seen the same figure and describe the man. It is unclear if the enity is a protector or a warning, an angel to bless or curse. But in all of these cases and mine, I was abused as a child and did try to commit suicide.
might be useful to your research

I have seen the hat man. It was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen. It was during a time when I had kicked my husband out for cheating. This is relevant because I have heard it is common to see it when there is domestic turmoil. As scary as it was to see this thing, when I went to research it the next day, it was even more terrifying to see photos of the exact same thing I had seen, taken by other people in other countries!

When I was very young, 4-5 years old I had a nightmare every night where I would wake up unable to move and freezing cold with four little men with black hats and black overcoats standing over me all in a row next to my bed…i was of course terrified and they did seem to say there was nothing to be afraid of but it was awful and caused anxiety… i told my family about it, my parents, and my father would say it was just a dream. I would dream they came in through a portal that opened up… Read more »

When I was about 9 I would see a shadowy figure. At first I thought it was just my imagination, but it felt so real. I knew I wasn’t making it up. When I was talking with my daughter the subject changed to fears. She said she was scared to have any body parts outside of the blankets, so I told her that I thought there were ghosts in the hallway. She was immediately intrigued and asked for more details. So, I told her, but then, she got scared. Turns out her friend told her a story similar to mine… Read more »

I have seen the hatman and it was actually about 25 years ago. I was just a child. Day light… He did something with his hand… Was not briefly. Just stumbled on information about him tonight, I always wondered what he was.

I was about 5 when I saw him. My story is like 90% accurate to all the others. I had a high level of ESP in that period of my life that I unfortunately did not develop because of fear from my family. I just want to know if there is a commemality between the people he has visited and if so, what is it?

I can’t believe this is real!!! I was just telling my mother the story of the dark figure that gave me chills down my spine but I couldn’t see a face only s shape. That he was tall, he wore a hat and was dressed in all black. I couldn’t see details but I felt we were in a staring contest. I tried to close my eyes in hopes he’d disappear but he just stood there in my doorway. He was there for a long time and wouldn’t go away. Until this day thinking of that childhood moment I was… Read more »

Hi Tim Brown,
Are you still doing research on the spirit of the shadow wearing an old top hat? I have had issues with that spirit all my life and still to today. Wear can I get more information on him?
Thank you,
Wendy Mae

I am completely floored to learn that others have seen the same man I saw over thirty years ago. I was 12 years old, and I was walking down an unincorporated street with no sidewalks. He was walking towards me. He was very tall, thin and wore black pants, shoes, a trench coat and a black hat. He was pasty white with squinty eyes. He stared right at me and would not look away. In an attempt to avoid him, I began walking on the inside of the path. He did the same. When I realized it, I walked outward… Read more »

I’ve had nightmares my entire childhood of a giant owl ‘sucking’ me into the sky (magically lifting, we’ll call it). Also a shadowy demon dog with yellow ram horns that would tickle me till I couldn’t breathe.. not fun…. It was such a common occurrence during my elementary school years that it had a major effect on my sleep. Whenever I would wake up from one of these nightmares I would check around my room… standard kid stuff… one night I had gone to bed while my family was still awake and doing their thing (watching T.V, playing N64, etc).… Read more »

I refuse to be prey. I would hunt them if such a thing were necessary and possible. I look forward to seeing more stories from others. Feel free to contact me on Facebook.

Call me religious but the lord is just as real as hat man is trust me praying will work if you have faith also he feeds off of your fear so don’t be scared he can’t physicaly attack you if he still is haunting you then move away

yo vi un hombre de negro cuando era niño en mi casa en Argentina, también lo vio mi sobrino que estaba a mi lado ambos lo llamamos “el ZORRO”

Hi, First of all I’m from Belgium so my English isn’t very good. Last week I was watching some YouTube and then I clicked on a video about shadow people… And then I heard about the hat man and I tought of my expierence. When I was, I think 7 or 8 years old, I’ve got to my best friend for a sleep over and we were still awake around 02:00 and then we looked at the wall and there was a man with a long cote and a hat and he was walking slowly and me and my friend… Read more »

I saw the “Hat Man” twice in my life. Both times I was fully awake. The first time I was as a child. The second in my twenties. The man was in solid white from hat to suit. As a child I felt no fear. I always thought it was my father for him and my mom were divorced, and I lived with my moms mother who treated me crappy. I like others had a not so great childhood. He watched me for what seemed hours, and silently I hoped he would rescue me from the clutches of my mean… Read more »

Me and a friend growing up in the 80’s seen the Hatman Shadow , it started one time he told me he would hear little jingle bells in the wee hours of the morning in his bsckyard behind a shack storage , I didn’t believe him , but one late night around 2:30am we were up to no good just playing in a sandbox on a school campus across the road from our neighborhood , we decided to clean and shake off our socks and feet next to the shack storage , not remembering about the bells he said he… Read more »

The Hat Man is a family issue, my sister and my cousin and I have all seen and felt this entity. In my 20s he exuded an influence, including an afternoon nap, and a visitation by what I believed was the death entity, when the ‘Hat Man’ reached over and touched my hands folded on my stomach, I came awake screaming, ‘You are not allowed to touch me!’. After that I went to my Grandmother who was a prayer warrior and asked her advice, what should I do? Her first question startled me, ‘do you think he is evil?’ I… Read more »

I also saw him one night only when I was 18 . I felt like I was sleeping yet awake. He was sitting g at my window looking out. And then he tipped his hat and turned to me. It was the scariest thing to ever happen to me. He wore black cloke and large leather black hat. I did see his face. Scary yet human? I was told it was my spirit guide and not to be afraid? Never saw him again thank god.

When I was about 6 years old, I had started seeing this man with a hat. I had told my parents about it, but they had said that I must have been dreaming or something along the lines of that. It was not until recently that I had learned that it was true. My friends and I were hanging out and we had gotten on the topic of ghost stories. My one friend had begun to tell us about this man that would stand at the foot of her bed and just stared at her. This sounded familiar to me,… Read more »

I saw the hat man , in its exact form that it is on google , three years ago but I can still remember it clearly like it happened yesterday. It was rightly after my sleep paralysis, the room was dark but he was darker than it. He was standing right in front of me. I am sure less than 40 cm between us. He didn’t do anything that I remember, all I can recall is seeing him clearly then falling asleep again. My friend also told me about a dog shadow that she has seen , and also found… Read more »

A Roman Catholic Priest who has been an exorcist for 20 years with whom I took a several week course, told us the following: this Hat Man is a Demon, a very dark and negative entity. Demons are very real entities that want human kind to suffer and to auto-destroy itself. This Hat Man is very well known amongst people who do liberation ministry, and it’s usually associated with having participated in some kind of esoteric ritual of divination, fortune telling, tarot, trying to know the future, the unknown or the occult. And there are multiple ways of doing this:… Read more »

Ever since i was a child i would catch corner eyed glimpses of a very tall silhouette draped in a trench coat with a fedora on his head. I could never get a full look at the man and had passed it off as normal. Years passed and i began to dabble in drugs. I again started seeing the man as well as many other shadowy figures. Again i thought nothing of it having heard the effects drugs have. Recently (past few months) my fiancee has been waking up at all hours of the night gasping for air and claiming… Read more »

Have not seen him myself, but a workmate of mine recounted a recent story of his golf buddies experience with what appears to be this thing. He lives in Newcastle Australia and was sitting in the lounge room by himself watching T.V when an apparition about 7feet  tall wearing a top hat and trench coat walked/floated straight through his T.V. and proceeded down the hallway and up the stairs. Absolutely scared the living shit out of him. The weeks proceeding this he said there had been a lot of unexplained noises happening in he house.
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I’ve written on this subject before in 2008, but never heard a reply from anyone. My experience is similar, but not exact. I was about 13/14 when it started. The first time I saw the Top Hat Man was on a Sunday, I was with one of my sisters and a cousin. We were at my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s, where our Aunts,Uncles, and cousins would gather every Sunday. We were asked to walk to my house to get something (can’t recall what), it was only a two minute walk. Myself, my sister, and cousin walked in through the kitchen… Read more »

Hello, My name is Owen. When i was 8 years of age i was very imaginative so when i saw this figure watching me i freaked out but years later i convinced myself it was just my imagination. About 1 year ago when i was 15 years old i experienced it again and it has been around me ever since. Im not the only one who sees it when i do my friend can hear and see it as we walk through abandoned buildings. When we are there we feel it the most. Ive been in 2 abandoned buildings that… Read more »

I remember It was around 27 years ago,I was 23,It was night time and i was by myself ,sat on the floor and watching t.v,the curtains weren’t closed,I suddenly had a feeling someone was watching me,I looked behind me and through the window I saw a tall dark figure,seemed like he was 7ft tall wearing a wide brimmed hat,couldn’t see s face,after s few seconds he slowly side stepped away from the window,It didn’t really frighten me but I knew it wasn’t human,but ghostly,haven’t seen him since,but we did experience noises in the house for a couple months after.

My name is Ruth….the name given me from my adoptive parents…because of my adoptive grandmother. That said……I never knew I was different from anyone, because my parents always let me know that I was adopted and very special to them. My story has nothing to do with that. I was raised mostly in Houston, Tx. Mom and Dad bought a house in Houston that was considered a Story and 1/2….Meaning me and my adopted brother had our bedrooms in the upstairs rooms. My Brother got the smaller of the 2 bedrooms…my bedroom was really large…..3 doors I had in my… Read more »

I saw him When i was six. My family had just moved in to This new house.. and at that time i shared room with My older sister. My father had just kissed us good night and i asked him to let the door be, cuz i were afraid of the dark.. the next thing i see is a man, 2 meters with a old black hat and a jacket down to the floor.. i couldnt see his face cuz IT was SOO DARK!!!! I was trying to wake up My sister but She didnt reply, She looked dead.. so… Read more »

I’m now 18 years old and I can remember seeing him from a very young age. My mum has also seen the same figure when I was a baby, when I first saw him I told her about what I saw and it really freaked her out. We contacted the local vicar and he put it down to sleep paralysis. I knew it couldn’t be because I am always very much awake when I see him.. I’ve only ever looked at him directly once, I just remember not being able to look up at his face and when I did… Read more »

Hi Dreamer, I had a very similar situation. I was 6 years old and I woke up one night and went to the kitchen. As I turned the corner there stood a tall dark shadow figure with a top hat. I could not see anything but the outline of the figure. I stood there for about 10 seconds in fear than turned around, went back to my room and hid under the covers. That moment has always stuck with me because of the fear I felt. At the time I lived in a very disfunctional family. My Dad was a… Read more »

My sister and I vividly recall our grandmother talking about when she was nine years old (in 1936), how she woke one night to see a man dressed in a long black coat and “hat like they used to wear in the old timey days” standing next to her bed. She said she thought it was the doctor there to see her because she suffered asthma attacks often and was sick that night, but he didn’t move or say anything, just stared down at her. She covered her head and he was gone when she peeked back out from under… Read more »

Hello, all, my name is Brad Etter and I wrestled with sleep paralysis for about 5 years before finding a way to escape hellish visions like the Hat Man. I encourage you to watch my video on the subject and get to know the reasons why these visions happen and how you can resonate out of them.

i have seen a lot of people say they have encountered the hat man Thats because im working on a research for him too. I have encountered the hatman 3 times 1)In the age of 8.I saw him going up the stairs of my house.I could see a clear shadow on the wall but not on the ceiling or ground.I ran in my house but I was out there long enough to see his shadow go up the stairs that much ,that if it was a human I would be able to see it.I thought it was an illusion cause… Read more »

I’ve experiences SP a handful of times in my life. Early as a child I would remember a group of shadows entering the room, I was too terrified to look so I don’t remember the hat man but they were definitely there to torment me. I was watching a documentary on Netflix called Nightmare on the subject. I think there are some manifestations of the hat man in public culture. For example if you live in the United States you are probably familiar with the Neighborhood watch program and might be able to recall it’s logo; A black figure behind… Read more »

I had an experience back in 1989. It was night I was on the 3 story of a boarding house, in bed i had awoken not sure what time it was important guessing it was around 2 in the morning. I looked around the room and in the corner I saw a tall figure it had to have been about 6.7-7ft tall. Then it started walking or should I say moving toward me. It had a hat with a round brim on it and a type of trench coat although I couldn’t make out any features because it looked like… Read more »

Wow, after reading this stuff here I can’t believe it. I’m 54 years old, saw the hat man when I was like in my early 30’s. I was paralyzed, couldn’t speak, just a squeal came out from under the covers. I knew i wasn’t dreaming, I’ve also told others about this but they laughed. I saw a post above where someone said she saw it when she was being cheated on, which would be my case. It happened one time, and I’ll never forget it, it was such a powerful force. I talked myself into believing I was dreaming, but… Read more »

I always described him as Curious Georges “Man in the Hat”, that’s exactly what he looked like, but all black. Weird.

I had an experience with have may have been the hat man. This in 2014, around midnight or later in the am I woke up to see a sold black tall male figure wearing a cowboy hat or a hat that resembled one, standing about 10 feet from my bed. It just stared at me, not moving. I actually believed someone broke into my apartment. I just laid in bed terrified to move. I stared back at it. My tv was next to iit, and after about what seemed a minute, it floated behind my tv and disappeared. It took… Read more »