My name is Tim Brown. I am the site owner, administrator, and researcher for The Hat Man Project. The purpose of this site is to research the phenomenon that has come to be known as “The Hat Man.” Reports of The Hat Man and other shadow beings have been on the rise within the last 10-15 years. It was due to my own experience and my awareness of other people’s sightings of The Hat Man that I decided to begin this research project.

The aim of this web site is to explore the stories of the many sightings that have been reported. This is the very first and only web site solely devoted to researching, collecting, and archiving information and stories relating to The Hat Man. As more stories are researched and collected they will be posted on this site regularly.


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i was 10 years old when i had started seeing him, id feel something touch my shoulder or tugged on my hair while i slept. i moved then i saw him again walking upstairs and after that doors would open and close my siblings would see him two weeks before april 22nd ( my bday) my cuzin saw him watching me sleep i talked to a friend and he said if u put a chair were he watch’s u sleep he wont come back its scares me

Wow I had the same thing happen. I was just a kid playing out in the street when I went to sit down and eat some ice cream. All of a sudden I see the hat man at the end of the street just staring at me. He then waved and motioned for me to come to him. I don’t know why that happened. I was in a very positive place and headspace. My family and I were religious. Hmm. I then saw him two more times when I was 20. However at that time I had started to drink… Read more »

Wow ive been struggling to figure out why i saw him from corner of my cuboard and he walked towards me and i wasnt scared at all with a walking stick and quite scary hat but in a suit which looked brown but was dark.he kept lifting his hands as if he needed to tell me something than i sat up he dissapeared there after 2 nights later he stood looking at me at corner if my bed with a voice i heard im leaving now and i wont bug you again and he faded away by my window

I thought only I saw him. It never dawned on me others had too. It’s a bit different for me though. I saw him in the daytime, and in my neighbors window. The light was behind him, so I saw his outline, hat included. This happened this last oct, right before halloween. I told people about it. It was while I was playing ball with my dog, looked over at the house, and there it was in the window. I actually looked away and looked back and it was still looking at me. Staring, I felt. Then it zipped to… Read more »

I saw um as a kid. My mom couldn’t see him. I pointed right at him. Later on they thought I was hallucinating, but I know what.. It was a like a person. And I knew it was staring at me

Hi, Im 30 and a few nights ago i woke up in y.the early hours of the morning. My room is very dark but when i woke up and turn to get out of my bed i saw a dark figure its a man due to his height and build. It was standing at the corner of my bed by the door. And a few years back on the 8/9th Aug i woke up at 1-2am and heard a woman saying my name as clear as daylight,this happend at a different house and in my room my one dog stared… Read more »

I created the Hat man. He is my previous Creepypasta character that represented me. I’m not sure if this is a fictional story site or not, but if it isn’t, the guy isn’t real. Unless i’ve been morphing into him every night to haunt people. Which is unlikely…

I’m now 37 years old I have seen this hat man on two different occasions that I can recall. I only remember details of the very first occasion. I graduated from a Christian nondenominational private school. I was shy and inverted very deep thinker. I’ve always felt different like I wasn’t like anyone else. After graduating at 17, me and my high school sweetheart moved out and bought our first place together. All throughout my life I’ve seen things, shadows, or unexplainable things… things that others say they can’t see. ( if you want to be able to see them… Read more »

I’ve only just started researching this phenomenon after my dad reminded me of the only time I’ve seen the shadowy man with the hat, years and years ago. I was 5, and for some reason (on this particular night) feeling very anxious and unwell, tossing and turning in bed. Out of nowhere, I had this intense compulsion to get up and look out the window towards the back yard (which backed onto a well-lit alley, where we kept our cars). So I got up, and looked out – only to see a tall, thin man in a top hat standing… Read more »

This is my first time looking into other reports of people seeing a very black shadow man with what appears to be a trench coat and wide brim hat or fedora type. I’ve never told my story in a forum, and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of people who’ve experienced the same type of encounter. I once had an encounter with a very black, what appeared to be solid, man in a trench coat and wide brim hat. As a child I could only describe the coat and hat as what looked like my grandfathers London fog coat and fedora… Read more »

When I was like 14 or 15 I had a dream about it, I was at my grandparents house ,at night ,and all my family members were inside the house only I was alone in the yard with the front door light open and the rest of the surroundings were dark . Sudently my cat (that died years ago) appear chased by a black cat with glowing eyes and jumped the fence then I retreat to the house door to go inside because I started to feel watched but from the dark a shadow like a man with a hat… Read more »

You have got to be kidding me! This is a phenomenon? I can’t say with all certainty the thing I saw was wearing a tall hat but I saw him! I am a grown woman and don’t play into these silly things but I have to share my “encounter” only a couple of years ago, I had recently become a grandmother) I woke up, there was a young girl whispering really fast in my ear. She was obviously scared of something. Feeling protective and caught a bit off guard I woke listening to her. (in my head, she must have… Read more »

You might want to check out he is an author who wrote quite a bit about the Hatman. He has one of the longest running archival threads on this Phenomena and is a supporter of many paranormal sites. He might even be willing to join forces with you guys.

Hola, di con este sito buscando información. cuando tenia como 5 años de edad, enferme un día gravemente de altas temperaturas, recuerdo que las puertas se me alejaban y se me acercaban pues tenia alucinaciones por la misma fiebre, mi madre salio del cuarto y el entro por la otra puerta era muy elegante tenia un smoking negro con un moño blanco un largo baston de bola de oro y brillaba mucho también traía un sombrero de copa y no llevaba capa, el se acerco a mi cama hacia mi tocando mi brazo comenzó a decirme una palabras en un… Read more »

Hi, I found this site looking for information. When I was about 5 years old, I became ill one day with very high temperatures, I remember that the doors were moving away and I was approaching because I had hallucinations from the same fever, my mother came out of the room and he entered the other door was very elegant I had a black tuxedo with a white bow and a long golden ball stick, and it was very bright, I also had a top hat and no cloak, he approached my bed and touched my arm and began to… Read more »

I was about 9-10 years old (maybe younger I’m not exactly sure the correct age but I was little) when I first encountered the Hat Man. My mother would bring my brother and I to my grand parents house early in the morning (about 3-4am) so she could go to work. My brother would always sleep on the sofa and I would always get stuck with the love seat. Every time I would fall asleep on the love seat I would get visited by the Hat Man. He seemed to be coming from the foyer where the stairs/front door was.… Read more »

I can remember my experience with the hat man clear as day. I was most likely 3 or 4 when I saw him because I remember we lived in an apartment in Dundalk Maryland. My room was rectangular and it was not to big. I remember it was summer and hot while I was laying in my crib. There was an annoying sound of cicadas so loud I couldn’t sleep and it must have been after 9 or so because it was dark outside. I remember standing up in my crib that was an oak color and looking down at… Read more »

Hello i need answers and help

My experience with such a being is less so mine, at the very least nothing to note other than a passing glance, but that of another; My best friend in fact, Rachel. She told me about one particular nightmare she had, to her surprise she remembered it with vivid detail. This being back when she was in High School: “I was walking home from high school just like any other day, I didn’t live far from where it was. Earbuds in like always since I couldn’t live without my tunes (she was listening to MCR). When I looked up from… Read more »

I remember seeing the hat man in my childhood house on very often occasions. My oldest sister grew so terrified of him, that even as a teenager she would sleep with the lights on. We have a family history of depression and anxiety disorder. My mother was one of 7 kids. All 7 attemped suicide, only two, including my mom survived. Last night I saw again for the first time in 12 years. I woke up and saw a man with a hat and backpack standing next to my husband’s side of the bed, peering through the small opening in… Read more »

this is happening i wanna know about more…..

I’m 17 and I’ve encountered the so called hat man only once. I was home alone getting ready to go out with some friends one night and I walked out of my room to get a glass of water, as I was walking down the hallway I saw him standing in front of my front door. He was just standing there, I didn’t feel anything evil from him but I was frightened from seeing him. I stood there staring for around 30 mins until I decided to go back to my room and finish my business. As I as in… Read more »

I am shocked from reading your post. I don’t know if this will get to you or not, but I sure hope so. I am 37 years old now and my first experience with the hat man was very close to 25 years ago as well. I have had numerous encounters with this entity, all sharing similarities with other people’s descriptions. Only one thing stands out for me that I have not heard anyone single in on. You mentioned that he did something with his hand, and I distinctly remember that when I looked at him, he immediately raised both… Read more »

Hello im kelsea and i have a picture of him and he is breakin down my family i need some help i feel this and im a psychic medium and im just findin this out and i have sleep paralysis and he got a black fog and glowin eyes i ne to no how to get him out please im only 25 and ny kids r 3 and 2 i feel if this keeps happen my family will get hurt please help u im comment cuz i dont no were to go

I had regular visits from the “hat man” as a child. He would always stand in my bedroom doorway or a few times as close as the foot of my bed. I was of course terrified and thought for years that i was the only person who ever experienced this. I shared a bedroom with my sister who never once witnessed the entity. It wasn’t until i posted a drawing of what i saw on Facebook years ago that i found out many people had seen him, some in different forms but many the same as I.

In the summer of 1974 I was 17 years old. I had just mowed the yard in the heat and humidity. I walked into the cool air-conditioned house and laid down on the floor of the dining room to cool off. I have always wondered if I fell asleep at this point, but it didn’t feel like it. No sensation of losing consciousness, just relaxing. I was home alone and heard the boards in the hallway creak. I raised my head a bit to see what caused the squeak, and standing at the juncture of the hallway and dining room… Read more »

I was living in Vermont I’ll and watching a movie and glanced up at my front door and there was two of them standing there one was taller than the other and they wanted me to let them I’m I said no your not welcome and told them to and they growled at me

When I moved from Vermont the bigger hat demon follewd me and the smaller stayed there with my daughter and her boyfriend and has been given her trouble it is grabbing her toes like it was trying to pull her off the bed

It was 1977 and I was 14 when the man in the hat appeared next to my bed. I woke up from a sound sleep and was was standing there. I wasn’t afraid at all. I asked him what he wanted and he just stood there looking at me. I watched him for a few moments then rolled over and went back to sleep. I find it more than strange that others have seen him too.

I have a friend (my ex boyfriend) has been having these experiences with the Hat Man and he has told me that he’s seen him since he was 3 years old now he’s 18 and every night he sees this shadow man with the same description of the Hat Man and he is very terrified of this figure. I e tried falling asleep on the phone with him just to make him happy at night so he can get sleep and he would say the Hat Man won’t show up when I’m talking to him but I can’t always be… Read more »

I was about 22 years old, living alone with my cat. I woke up one night on my left side with the bedroom door slightly behind me and it the right. I was awake about 10 seconds when suddenly I realized out of the corner of my peripheral vision a man was standing at my bedroom doorway. It was instant fear and terror, but for some reason I didn’t move. I focused on the shadow hat man as much as I could but like all other stories, he had no features. I waited for him to move towards me and… Read more »

I saw this excactly as noted 31 years ago when i was 3 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest daughter. I woke up screaming when i saw this looking into the window at me. I didnt scream however until i scanned up to his what should have been face. It was just a blackness. Same hat same trenchcoat/cloak looking thing. Same situation as descibed here. What made me look this up tonight was the fact that my youngest child which i was pregnant with at the time was telling me about a hrrible dream she had last night and described… Read more »

I have seen this hat-man in my dreams only. But it was different from others. First, he was standing on a rooftop while I can see lightning behind him as it seemed a stormy night in dream. But next time he was standing on the top of a castle and people were kneeling in front of the castle. But it seemed to me he was trying to show me a different time period when people used to obey him like a king. The last dream was scary . The hat man whirled between some people, killing them with nothing and… Read more »

I have seen him four times. One time he laid on top of me and i couldn’t move. I felt like he was trying to take my breath away. I make energetic (magik) candles and he showed up at my class in the hall. I have a picture of him!
How can I share the pic on here?

A few years ago I awoke to a tall broad shouldered man wearing a top hat and a trench coat, you could only see the outline and was the deepest black color a black shadow form.. my son was about 2 and was sleeping between his father and I… I began screaming at my fiancé to get up and get the gun that there was a man standing beside me.. I was hysterical and had the feeling he wanted my son and me.. my fiancé looked and told me to shut up and go back to bed there was nothing… Read more »

I was 7 years old, and now i am 13 i saw him at the end of my hall way in my moms apartment and i didnt move or scream, i felt paralyzed. I saw that he had a dog. Now he visits me often, im not afraid and now there is a white mouse with red dark wings. I call the mouse Mr.demonie. as well as a little girl now she is light skinned and has blonde hair with green eyes and weres a spring dress with black shoes. The “hat man” is a black shadow figure with a… Read more »

His apperance from your POV match mine, thanks for sharing. Mine speaks he comes around alot

I’m glad you made this site. I had an experience about 10 years ago. I was laying in bed resting my eyes during the daytime. Was laying on my side, opened my eyes and he was right there standing next to me, but with him was a Doberman…I haven’t read about any others seeing a dog with him and years later my child saw the same thing…with the dog. I didn’t feel any evil in it, but you never know. The spirit or whoever he is had an old western type hat, and large trench coat. I don’t think it… Read more »

My mother when she was a child moved to an abandoned old farm and she and my uncle stumbled across a cursed oujia bored that was very old. The black man has followed my mom ever scince and was especially bad when she was with my father who was a really bad guy. After she got away from my father my two siblings and I where out into foster care. Long story short I am reunited with my mom again and living with her for the past few months. About a month ago I had this dream of the hat… Read more »

Do you still post on here? If so I was wondering if you could share some of your experiences with me. I don’t remember ever seeing the Hat man but I have a very strange and vague memory of a room. My mom says the memory comes from a house we lived in at one point she believed was haunted, I was two when we lived there and used to tell her “Dagmar with the glowing eyes was going to get me”. I’, convinced it might’ve been the Hat man with how accurate other people’s stories relate to my own… Read more »

I see the hat man and other shadow people frequently. Some are Sasquatch looking and they sit in my trees or the young ones play in the yard. The hat man is always in the same tree looking at me. He is visible with my naked eye (I am a seer) and in pictures of which I have many

i know about the hat man only i didnt know it was the hat man. i remember laying in my bed, unable to move, unable to breathe and literally had to throw myself outta my bed, just to catch a breath. he still haunts me. i see him everywhere and get tingles down my neck…

I am currently writing a historical fantasy novel set in Salem village during the trials. Now, in my research, the afflicted girls – ages 9 to 17 – reported seeing a man in black with a hat. The style of the Hat Man’s dress and the accounts of him standing about lead me to believe that if these girls saw something, the Hat Man is one of the most likely culprits. Does anyone know how far back tales of this phenomena go? If so, please email me at

This whole thing has me on edge. I’m really alarmed to find that there are so many accounts of this very thing being witnessed by other people. I’d never heard of “The Hat Man” until I described this event to my friend and she mentioned the phenomenon this morning. I’ve seen strange things all my life; all sorts of apparitions. Whenever we move, it seems to take these things a year or two to catch up but eventually, they start appearing again. I usually pray over whatever space I’m in and try to ignore them. We’ve lived in this current… Read more »

It started when I was about 3 and ended when I was 5. It was exactly the same dream every night. I would be standing in the living room and I would start running and hid in the same spot (under a small desk in my room). He would bend down reach under the desk and grab me throw me over his shoulder I’m kicking and screaming but nothing thing will come out of my mouth, he walks out the front door. I wake up frozen in fear.

I am very familiar with the “Hat Man.” The one that I see so often, lives in my mother’s house. She has never saw him for some reason. I have saw him more times than I can count over these past 14 years or more. He is extremely tall, I feel my hair raise up, I get goose bumps, I feel so much fear that I feel like running away from him as fast as I can. I do not give in though, I do Not run. Instead, I keep my composure & let him know that it’s My mother’s… Read more »

I forgot to add my age, I am 48 years old & will be 49 in another week. I’m seeing the “Hat Man” in my Adult life. I’ve noticed alot of people commenting have saw him in their child hood.

vision light and think love…works for me to make him and them leave…sleep paralysis is one thing but the man in the hat is another…good luck

hi dreamy. i have had a few encounters with the man in the hat and the shadow people. there are a few theories about who and why and what they are. aka. the hag. from my experiences the man in the hat is a dark entity and pure evil and have researched and found him possibly to be the shadow people god and ruler of the dark side. he is also known as the spirit of death and believed to be responsible for many deaths and assaults of people in their sleep and possible while awake. i thought i was… Read more »

I’ve seen him and I can talk to him, I do not know if it’s normal … I can see him clearly every time we speak, sometimes because of the context where I find him, which is usually in the homes of my relatives or friends, I try to hit him or prevent him from enter the houses, we are always like in a competition, I can touch it and talk to it, I ask things and it responds to me, is that normal? XD. I’ve been seeing it since I was a child and we’re still in touch. I’m… Read more »