When I was between the ages of 10-13 (i can’t remember exactly how old I was), I was sleeping over at my cousin’s house. I was staying in my cousin Amber’s room. Amber was born with spina bifida and wasn’t expected to live past 18. Anyways I was staying in her room and fell asleep. I don’t know what woke me up, but the next thing I remember is laying on my back, stating at a coat rack in her room, unable to move or even speak from fear. I saw the dark outline of a man with a broad brimmed hat and trench coat right where the coat rack was. I kept telling myself it was just the shadows of the clothes, and made it a point to look again in the morning to see if those clothes could make that shape. They didn’t. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized I had been seeing the Hatman. I have never been frozen in fear like that before. Was the only experience I ever had like that. Don’t know why he decided to show up when he did.


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My friend Sandy believes the hatman is haunting her house

The same thing happened to me 20 years ago, when I was putting my baby to sleep in his bedroom. I was half asleep and something made me open my eyes and there was a shadow on the wall of a tall man in a brimmed hat. It creeped me out but I told my husband about it and he said it was probably his father´s spirit who had come to visit the baby, since my father in law also fit the description. My sister in law and brother in law were there and casually mentioned that they too had… Read more »