A frequent reader of of our site recently submitted a serious of 3 images that claim to be of the Hatman himself. I am including these pictures for your viewing. So what do you think? Are these pictures none other than the Hatman himself? Perhaps of another Shadow being? Or something else? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Hat Man #000 11-25-13 S1770352 Hat Man #002 11-25-13 S1770352 1507959_587271668024725_168158615_n - Copy


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hi have had a visit from this but it does not look like the pictures above more like the one out of jeepers kreepers one be a better discription of what it looks like …i have seen it close up in light and it aiint pretty…like a corpse decaying worms and maggots all crawling over his face… I am only sharing this as i felt it was feeding off fear ..i stood up to it and have since not had any more visits…my son and daughter also encountered this when young and i never ever mentioned it to them.. I… Read more »

appoligies for the typo errors …tired – and hit some wrong keys, but im sure you know what im trying to explain…

Meh. I’m curious about how he claims to have taken the pictures

I can’t see anything.

My wife experienced Hatman in 2014 she ended up drawing a pic of him she had no idea who he was until our son showed her a pic I couldn’t begin to tell u things she seen my wife is a devout Christian

Firstly, is there any information on how these pictures were taken? Secondly, I downloaded the pictures and piddled with them in an image editing software (specifically GIMP), and noticed a few odd patterns, but nothing I can necessarily say is significant to study, other than small possibilities of recognizable patterns. The pictures are definitely interesting, but very dark and grainy. It could be interference, but who knows? I think we all need some more background on the photographs to assess a correct or close to correct judgement. Aside from this, they’re definitely interesting, as the pictures seem to show him… Read more »

I’ve never seen the Hat Man with a face like that.

No. The hatman’s face is never so distinct but blends in with the clothing.

Looks more like someone wearing a cowl or hooded cloak to me.

The “hat man” had no face he was more like a solid shadow if that makes sense…thise pics look like the emperor from star wars.

If it was the hatman you would be too scared to take a picture. I remember wetting the bed because of the fear he created.

I feel like I have this seen this in some of my own photos, I sure wish I could find them now.

I think that they are of a ghost or spirit but not dark. His vibe is not dark to me at all.

That’s not him I’ve seen him twice once as a kid and once as an adult I will never forget what he looks like I know 5 other people from my small town that have seen him to. Two of them saw him at the same time I did the other three described him to me without me telling them anything of what I had seen. The reason I say it’s not him is because he doesn’t have a face or anything else to describe him by other then his round brim hat and his long black trench coat

I saw the Hag myself, during a period of sleep paralysis, sitting on my stomach. A black silhouette with long scruffy looking hair but completely sillouhetted against the semi darkness of the room. I was definitely overcome with a feeling of fear and though a grown man and rural dweller , used to the dark and not easily spooked , I slept with the light on for a couple of nights.

These pictures are not like the Hat Man I saw back in 1979.

If you google hat man image the first picture that comes up is exactly the image I saw years ago. When I first googled this today I was completely shocked to see it.

No. Not the hat man I seen. The one I seen peered from behind a tree. I seen nearly all of this entity. Black suit, sort of like a Top hat, Very dark shadow, No face. Was holding onto the tree, like it was playing hide and seek. My dog (Chihuahua) started barking, I looked in the direction, didn’t see anything, he kept barking, I looked again. I seen it. Only for what seemed like 5 – 10 seconds. Then it disappeared. There are quite a few, I’ve seen between 4 – 5, “UFO’s” in very close. Close enough to… Read more »

What is the story behind these photos?

hi.this is gona sound crazy.since I was involved in a horrible road accident,my worst nightmares have almost come true,I see the hatman everywhere ALL the time.ive kept off internet for fifteen years n known world war 3 is building up.trained for the marines regrettably,woke up,but still would have laughed at all this hatman stuff.i cnt stress how much it’s true.im 33 n not afraid to admit that it forces me to b afraid.i don’t think I’ve got long Frm the interactions I’ve had with it,5 years since the accident n it has fully come forward,first seeming to pose as throne… Read more »

hey there, i don’t really know if your still on activities, but i think we cant’ get the Hat Man with pictures, the best look we can share is a draw. My personal opinion ofc, but with all the modification the tech give us, it’s easy too fake. Not that i accuse the reader who post that, not at all, but in History, this is not Photos that proof anything in that kind of events

( I’m French, so apologize if i make some english mistakes )

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The pictures is not the same as the hatman. I personally experianced myself the hatman when my sisters husband passed away and she was living with me and thought it was her husband coming after her. I had her taken with her son back to her home and that night I dealt with it in my bedroom and when I went to bed it stood at the bottom, it opened the cape and laid on top of me in my queen size bed and it felt very heavy, couldnt move. It was breathing heavy in my face when I putted… Read more »

This is something you want to be very careful with and what got me was when it was breathing on me, I thought it was sucking my breath out, but it putted breath in me and when it left it was like a worldwind all through my home and I slept on clouds that night. On my side, I said, why me God, God help me in the name of Jesus get rid of this so I can sleep. I was very tired.I tried to tell my family about it and they thought I was crazy, but God knows and… Read more »

It is a young boy, who is hurting and how he use to be. Pray to God through his will in the name of Jesus our Savior and he will help you from this. The boy is trying to find his way home. Go to church. Bless you!

The lost and hurt young man.

These photos is not the hatman. The hatman has no face or body. Its cape is big and heavy and speads out like a bat. You cannot hear it, it doesnt talk. You can feel cold chills down your body when its around and its breath is like fast air blowing. It lets you go, if its not you it wants. I could say, it could of been the shadow of death, but my brothernlaw had already pasted away. It can hear,but only if it wants to. It is tall and very quiet. It moves around very quiet. You can… Read more »

Cry for help of a deminsional lost soul.

This picture doesn’t look like the figure is wearing a hat, it almost looks more like a long veil mixed with an Amish bonnet. It also looks more like a woman.

So how are things going for you now? And what things should we turn off that are a Trojan Horse?

A shadow person yes hatman not at all. There is a difference and if you’ve been pleagued by the hatman than you will never forget what he truly looks like. How he stalks how he torments. 21 years of constant contact with hatman . Do not provoke or anger him. Dont say I didn’t warn you guys. Looking for a way to rid myself of him. 1 thing has worked for the dreams he manipulates and uses to torture from. Real native American all natural/real supplies used. I.e. real bone. Real feathers stone and leather. Fake store bought wont work.

No, the hatman is all black, there is no way that he would show up on a photo, this looks like a computer altered photo, someone selected an area of someone’s face from a black and white photo, pasted it into a black background, then changed the transparency.

I saw this Or something very similar to this, standing in a corner of the next room watching me . I thought it was an Asian grim reaper or something of that sort. He was wearing a wide brimmed hat with what looked like a duster full length coat.i felt his facial features were like an Asian mask or similar looking to the anynmous logo. A week later my mother passed away. Haven’t seen him/it since. It didn’t startle me in anyway. But now I’m kind of bothered by what it’s meaning was and why did it visit. It looks… Read more »

I had an experience once so I was 12 at the time this happened but now I’m 14 anywho. So i was eating dinner at our dining room table by my self note i have never seen any horror movies. so I was eating dinner and watching Finding nemo by the way great movie. any ways so I was half way done eating and I say a sillohet of a man with a top hat and a cape like thing.and when I walked twards it it dissapeared. and so I ran and told my mom and dad and they did… Read more »

Hi, my name is leeanna. Sometimes it feels as if my house is a gateway to spirits. I have dealt with 3 in the last two month’s one being a tall man with a big cowboy hat on. I saw him standing in my door way one night as i was getting ready to sleep and i just didn’t pay attention to him. The next day my husbands work truck caught on fire. Later that night i saw him again but this time he was closer to my bed. I was terrofied but decided my faith can out rule him… Read more »

Eh. Not to be a downer, but they honestly just look like grainy screengrabs of Emperor Palpitane from the old Star Wars movies, man.

I think you’ve been had.

i want too know more, soul decypher, how do you focus on one connect and turn it off?, i hope you are still out there ,
love and light from Alexia in Iceland

I too have saw this man in black, who he is I don’t know.but
I know I saw him again , not to long ago again

Personally when I was a child of about five years I looked at the edge of my bed a shadow of a man with a hat, in my case nothing like the photographs in these you can see the face of the man and in my case, In the early morning when I woke I watched the shadow of a man in a top hat who smoked a cigarette and stared at me without changing his gaze, sometimes I watched my dad at night when he smoked in the dark and lit up The face when I inhaled the cigarette,… Read more »

I have had experiences with the hat man since I was a child. He could use to come and set on my bed at night. It felt like a cat was getting on the bed, only with an evilness in the atmosphere. I would cover me head I was always so scared but sometimes I would get the courage to kick st the spot where he said. Most of the time though, I would just be curled in a ball with my head covered to terrified to scream or move. Some on ghts I would end up sleeping on my… Read more »

I live in Houston, Texas. I am a 42 year old Male who has been sensitive to spirits since I was a kid. Lately I have been seeing the Hat man and it is extremely frightening to me. I am someone who has gotten use to “feeling” the presence of spirits and nothing can compare to the amount of fear I feel with the hat man. The one I see seems to be wearing a black long coat and has a large brimmed hat on. I always see him from far away at first, but as soon as I see… Read more »

The hat man i encountered a couple of nights as a kid was pitch black and with clear countours

20 years ago I seen this hat man in my bedroom, I was 17 at the time and I seen his face, before I continue let me assure you I don’t give a fuck if I’m believed, unlike the author of the FAKE photos posted above, this is my story, I was living in a small cottage in a small village in the Irish Midlands, my family home, the only people living in the house at the time were me, my sister and her husband, my parents had split up 8 years before and my mother had died 2 years… Read more »

My personal experience with the Hat Man leads me to believe that you could capture him but only if he wanted you to. I only say this because he had been visiting me since I was a little girl and I distinctly remember him sitting on the edge of my bed and it physically felt like there was a mass on my bed. Although he never spoke to me, I will say that he had no facial features and always seemed to be standing in the corner of the room and in a trench coat or parka. I always thought… Read more »

I saw it at work the other day

Definitely not the hat man! The hat man has no details in his face and he is darker than any other shadows I’ve seen!

To sound decypher…. unfortunately after comparing my stories with a couple other friends near death experience stories… I think you may be correct or at least onto something!! Thank you so much for sharing! If you have any more experiences to add or ideas on what he is or what he’s trying to do or how we get past them in the afterlife please share, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts . Thanks again and take care

This is something else altogether.

I don’t think that is the Hat Man, but whatever it is it looks effing freaky.

I really don’t think these are the Hat Man. My friends son has been seeing the Hat Man and I have also seen him and we both have never been able to make out any type of facial features at all. Only that he is somewhat tall, with a fedora and long trench coat, the rest of his face and body is all black (like a shadow).