A frequent reader of of our site recently submitted a serious of 3 images that claim to be of the Hatman himself. I am including these pictures for your viewing. So what do you think? Are these pictures none other than the Hatman himself? Perhaps of another Shadow being? Or something else? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Hat Man #000 11-25-13 S1770352 Hat Man #002 11-25-13 S1770352 1507959_587271668024725_168158615_n - Copy


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My friend seen him a few years back he was in the living room i was in the dining room next thing i know the front door opened and thinking its my grandma i asked what was for dinner but no answer was given so i camed to believe it was the wind so i went to shut it out the corner of my eye i saw my friend his face was completely white he yelled at me ”do you not see him” see who i asked ”that man” he answered thinking nothing of it i said if youre a… Read more »

Im not sure who all will read this but the Hat Man took possession of my ex fiances body and then molested my daughter. The only reason i know it was him is because my daughter said she saw the shadow of a man w a big hat and his shadow went into my ex fiances. He had expressed to me about 5 months prior to this that something evil had followed him around since he was around 15 years old. He said it almost got ahold of him once and he wasnt going to let that happen again. He… Read more »

Top3 pics r before…bottom 3 are after. I lost my best friend n the man i hoped to grow old with. I dont think ill ever get over it.

That’s not him. I know it isn’t.

That’s not the hat man.
That looks like some edited version of an emo kid.

Hi my name is Tyler Larson I am 17 yrs old and I have seen the hat man a few times and it is getting uneasy because he was recently in one of my dreams but in the dream I could see his teeth and he was coming near me which he has never done before, he has never hurt me but when I see him I can’t move or speak someone please help me he is making me uncomfortable.

Okay wow! so i researched the hat man shadow ghost after about 12 years and my experience was insane! so its starts out i was sleeping over at a buddies house when i was younger and in the middle of the night he had told me he was hungry and he was going to make a sandwich but he had also told me to tag along with him because he said he was scared of his house and he didn’t want to be alone he claimed his house was haunted and at this stage in my life i didn’t believe… Read more »

Na. That ain’t the guy I seen.

This looks more like an afterimage of a deceased person. Definitely not hat man… I have seen him myself and he had no discernable mouth or nose like thes pictures show.

Looks Native American to me. Or the head of the Saw doll.

I’ve been seeing this guy for so long. There were times I was almost positive I wasn’t even asleep.

I have an actual photo of the top hat shadow demon that appeared in my pictures in my phone I would like to sell it only if it is not against gods wishes . It is detailed picture no bs nest in the world call me 437 9917429 I will send picture wen we discuss all questions

I agree totally, these beings are most likely impossible to capture on any kind of film. I’m not denying that this person had an encounter, but I *am* denying that they caught the hat man on film