A frequent reader of of our site recently submitted a serious of 3 images that claim to be of the Hatman himself. I am including these pictures for your viewing. So what do you think? Are these pictures none other than the Hatman himself? Perhaps of another Shadow being? Or something else? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Hat Man #000 11-25-13 S1770352 Hat Man #002 11-25-13 S1770352 1507959_587271668024725_168158615_n - Copy


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What is the story behind these photos?


hi.this is gona sound crazy.since I was involved in a horrible road accident,my worst nightmares have almost come true,I see the hatman everywhere ALL the time.ive kept off internet for fifteen years n known world war 3 is building up.trained for the marines regrettably,woke up,but still would have laughed at all this hatman stuff.i cnt stress how much it’s true.im 33 n not afraid to admit that it forces me to b afraid.i don’t think I’ve got long Frm the interactions I’ve had with it,5 years since the accident n it has fully come forward,first seeming to pose as throne who died in the accident.it lured me in and now my body and almost my mind is ruined.iver the last two years I’ve seen it in my peripheral vision,communicated with in dreams and even tried whilst awake but got sent into uncontrollable flash backs.please can I share my pictures of it with you,I’ve drawn it in a few of it’s forms,one of which is what it chooses to look like in what seems to b a place where your soul is trapped,it’s a ball like fancy clothes (top hat),it distorted time with its pocket watch,burned n marked my body with its thumb.in voodoo it’s baron samedi,Viking lour it’s called the crow man,it’s the grim reaper,it’s the moth man,it’s the boogy man,the Hopi Indians saw them.im telling you,this is the Djin in Islam,this is the thing that is almost controlling the planet from your leaders to my little sister once earthy now Babylonian celebrate cyborg wana be.getin scary but keepin strong as it’s the key. if I don’t get to communicate again please remember one thing- I’ve seen it in the end and the whole salvation your gona find is this fact- it is here,it is the darkness on a level we cnt comprehend,but but but, if it’s here n always has been ,then so has the other side!and the transition and synapse between the two.wet dry night day male female.start choosing who or what you wana connect with n turn these things off coz it’s part of their Trojan horse. and your loving it arnt you! I know I sound scared but I sincerely love you all so peace to you and know the other side is open to Chanel into just as this is.


hey there, i don’t really know if your still on activities, but i think we cant’ get the Hat Man with pictures, the best look we can share is a draw. My personal opinion ofc, but with all the modification the tech give us, it’s easy too fake. Not that i accuse the reader who post that, not at all, but in History, this is not Photos that proof anything in that kind of events

( I’m French, so apologize if i make some english mistakes )


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