My experience happened about 8 years prior to submitting this story. I was 20 years old, and never had a paranormal experience before, or after. The girl I was living with at the time and I were discussing ouija boards, and I had brought up the fact that I had never “played” (I know now that just because the company that distributes monopoly also mass produces ouija boards it doesn’t make it a toy) with one. She used to be in to witchcraft, and black Magic, and was knowledgeable enough to know that you can make your own ouija board with the same effectiveness as any other. So we did..

Now, I don’t recall asking any questions that brought us to this point, as I only recall asking standard, testing the waters, type questions. “Rhonda”, the name the entity gave us, was guiding our conversation to where I believe it wanted it to go. Before I knew it we were being told to, “go behind”, and find a “rustud gun” (the entities spelling. I remember it misspelling some other fairly simple words, but am blanking on the specific words). We asked if there was any other entities in the house. The entity, (I call it that because for all I know this “other” entity could have been tricking us the whole time to gain our trust), told us that there was a man. We asked if the entity would talk to the man and ask if he would speak to us. The entity simply told us it was afraid. When we asked, “why?” The entity told us it couldn’t talk to us anymore. After about 30 seconds the temperature began to noticeably drop, and we had a cat at the time that started to spazz out for no reason. Usually a timid cat, he started sprinting around us, and the ouija board, but when he got close to the ouija board he’d stop and back away. He couldn’t go within a foot of it. I asked if “Rhonda” was still there. I used a pendulum as the conduit between me and any entity that would communicate, and I swear to this day that this is the moment that turned me from a skeptic to a full-fledged believer in the paranormal. The pendulum didn’t gently swing as it had been doing before, I felt what seemed like a small electric current coarse through my arm, and something grab my forearm and start to move it to the word “no”.

I immediately dropped the pendulum and destroyed the ouija board, swearing to never touch one again. At the time I wasn’t aware that there is supposed to be some sort of closing ritual, or prayer, or something along those lines that you are supposed to perform at the end of any ouija session. Eventually the temperature became normal again, but the strangeness of the air remained. We were in the process of getting a new bed frame and were sleeping on just our mattress that night. I had just came in to bed and laid down, my ex-girlfriend was sound asleep. I remember staring at the black screen of the tv that was turned off when all of the sudden I felt something brush against my feet, and the bottoms end of the bed started to shake rapidly. I turned to my ex-gf and asked, “do you feel that?!”, she replied tiredly, “yea”, and just fell back asleep. I rolled from my side on to my back, and looked up above my head where the closet was, closed, so I knew what I saw was not my clothes hanging and casting odd shadows.

Now, when I looked up I saw what looked like a tall, cloaked, silhouette, of what appeared to be a man, who was almost hitting his head on my 8.5 foot high ceiling, standing at about 7-8 feet tall, with what appeared to be a tall top hat. I could not make out any other clothing, and could not see shoes, or feet. It was strange the way it moved. It was almost though it shook the foot of my bed, and by the time I looked up it had made its way around the bed and toward the doorway, and it moved at a pace to where it wasn’t slow, but it was obvious this thing wasn’t hurrying either. Almost like it wanted me to catch a glimpse, or just wasn’t too concerned about me seeing it at all. Like it knew I had no idea what the heck it was. I still feel uneasy when I tell the story in detail, which this is the first time I have since the incident besides mentioning it toy current gf. I have to connect the ouija board experimentation to this. I opened a door that I wasn’t meant to open, and I can tell you that I never had an experience like that before, or since the incident. My ex-gf did some sort of smudging or something along those lines and put some special sort of salt in certain areas of our home, and it seemed to work, or maybe the entity wasn’t interested in us, although our relationship became very volatile, and eventually deteriorated after this. Maybe it’s negative energy never went away. Whatever these things are, i don’t think we are meant to understand them, or their purpose. For some reason they like to watch us, and every now and then they show themselves, but I believe they are always around us.


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There’s a lot of things as humans that we’re not meant to understand. The universe, dark matter, space and time, etc. etc. But they fascinate us, that’s what makes us keep going–what makes us human. Demons are creatures of a separate realm–fascinating, yes–but in the same respect dangerous and ‘impossible’ to understand. They require a new science to explain. To fully understand them, we must remove most if not all of our knowledge and observe everything. In terms of simple reasoning, I can–as a Christian–say that God has the best planning, and his close second is Satan. Demons like or… Read more »